Taobao shopping do not be fooled by the seller


Taobao shopping do not be fooled by the seller

just inadvertently enter a business blog, understood as a seller of Taobao also really is not easy, we seem to be more than wholesale in Ali more difficult, in the face of every hue customers did have to pay more effort to read! You make me a deep sense of promoting, for wholesale in Ali. Especially for the clothing wholesale inventory, rarely involving some of the more complex issues such as Taobao's evaluation, blunt, but one thing is the same, do business to maintain their own credit, each of the merchants also strive to do great efforts to customer satisfaction


we do in Ali wholesale clothing inventory, with large batch of goods, for the same customer problems between is not difficult to solve, because the positioning of the different customer groups, but a few days ago, a customer because of the inadequate understanding of the clothing inventory, the complaint said but later an amicable settlement.

but we just do business, do not do illegal operations, customers want to complain and we don't stop, but not related to the Taobao store, hang the store credit, so we must take even more time to maintain more store reputation! And some businesses even asked people to brush drill or asked people to help change bad some untrue evaluation will be revealed, some friends are often in online shopping the most attention is the credit or some consumer evaluation, so to a certain extent will mislead consumers.

here is to post a few words:

when your baby sell more, the worse the probability of the greater. After all, buy a humanoid shaped color, what level of people have, the same product, it is too difficult to make all the people satisfied. So for the popularity of the baby in the poor, must be more seriously, be sure to find ways to make buyers into praise. Especially the comments, because the evaluation of single product details in there is no praise or bad review, only display the customer comments, good comments can put your baby up, negative comments will let your baby fall down.

The evaluation of

some buyers are sincere praise, some sellers through some methods require high praise, and some bad people after please dispose of modified praise, some are mutual friends please shopping to praise, I have been doing in the wholesale Ali, seldom used these methods of operation note on Taobao. I never need these wholesale evaluation in Ali, today we also know that, in some Taobao stores or by Alipay trading in Ali Wangpu rarely see bad words.

The true expression of

friends should indeed some novice purchase should pay attention to, also shows that through the Internet stock must be based on facts in order to enter into the real supply of quality, here also reminds us that the seller shops is not entirely true.


store a few comments, credit, drill, or integrity index is Ali Wangpu business friends in the online purchase standard, is also the most attention, and these also tend to make some friends confused, so we in the local forum will often see some complaints posted sub >

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