Groupon listing documents show Gaopeng July valuation of 500 million


Groupon listing documents show Gaopeng July valuation of 500 million

's valuation of $500 million or


technology news Beijing time on October 24th afternoon, according to the U.S. Groupon website group purchase submitted SEC regulatory filing projections, operations in the domestic group purchase site Gaopeng (micro-blog) July valuation could reach $500 million.

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Groupon submitted the Prospectus Documents show, Gao Peng is a company called E-commerce King of the joint venture company's wholly-owned subsidiary in China, the ownership structure is: Groupon E-commerce King subsidiary Groupon, B.V. TCH Burgundy Limited and Tencent subsidiaries each accounted for 40%, Rocket Asia and Yunfeng fund each accounted for 10%.

Gaopeng runs a group purchase website, through a number of websites and social networking and interactive media for consumers and businesses to provide products and services discount. Gaopeng began offering group purchase in Beijing and Shanghai from March 2011, then expand to other big city Chinese.

July 2011, Groupon, B.V. to $45 million 200 thousand price from the hands of Rocket Asia acquisition of another 9% of the shares, including the shares of the voting shares of the common stock of 2908856 E-Commerce. On this basis, E-Commerce (" valued at around $500 million in July.

Groupon, B.V., Asia and Rocket Tencent, Yunfeng fund currently holds E-Commerce 49%, 40%, 10% and 1% of the shares.

according to the E-Commerce agreement reached by the parties, the board of directors of E-Commerce includes Groupon, B.V. Appointed as a director, Rocket Asia appointed a director, namely Oliver · (Oliver Samwer), as well as Tencent appointed two directors. Under the terms of the shareholders' agreement, E-Commerce shareholders also have the right to sell shares and priorities. (Xuan Chen)

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