The webmaster of Taobao Taobao network trick


The webmaster of Taobao Taobao network trick

Ali to do 102 years of business, and now Taobao only for 5 years. Go15. Open API interface as an opportunity to attract more businesses, the walk is doomed to go, but now in the reservation, we say that B2C is a trend, since it is a trend, then I will release. In the Taobao bigger businesses want to do B2C that release. Not only allow you to go, I will send you a pack food luggage, I give you ready. Do you want these things? Everybody wants them. I give you, you buy something else for money, then I want to give you something you have to point it, we are not more expensive than others, and a dragon, you can always come back to back.

this is the essence of Taobao's Taobao.

do things always need such courage, Taobao back now appear to give you a signal, oulainuo, Newegg, I bought the network and have recently launched especially be eager for a fight, I bought the network, there is no general background. At the same time, you also the purchasing such a small site and Le bee network this boutique station is good news.

open API, not only have like the return of net cooperative businesses of all ages, to create large enterprises such as Taobao strategic star UNIQLO, Taobao is to give a proof.

if B2C is a trend, then sooner or later the walk will go, Taobao's efforts to do but the overall trend of development, so I chose to open. This is not a move, it can be said that some of the more noble, is flexible. The following says.

recently oulainuo advertising great efforts. Is excuse me, and inspired the ark of cooperation with Taobao, Taobao dazzling, back now, nearly 200 of the largest online shopping mall can return 5%-25% membership to, music network, Newegg, Lasafo return cash back. This allows members of Why not?.

since B2C has become a trend, it is better to resist than compromise

In fact,

can open the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, open there can be many third party developers involved, such as the win7 issue has been called a "let me wash" software. It is said that 70% of the energy can be saved for the seller to facilitate the management of Taobao. So that buyers do not have to visit Taobao can search, parity, trading. And the use of super easy drag and drop operation...... Superfluous do not say, from this matter can know the strength of Taobao.

open can also bring a lot of industries, such as purchasing network such website also will rise a lot, the return of the online store, in addition to Newegg, Lasafo new site as I bought the network, friends network there is a small old website such as also the purchasing oulainuo, these are a new opportunity. It can be said that the opening of Taobao is not a big change in the environment, but in terms of pushing forward the amount of Taobao has become a more responsible business.

is naturally very large

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