The big dig 7 11 corner of the neighborhood is behind the electricity in the back


The big dig 7 11 corner of the neighborhood is behind the electricity in the back

neighborhood home because of the middle of the big dig from the Beijing 7-11 managers concern, experts believe that it is likely to seek to solve the last one kilometer behind the electricity supplier.


_ print journalist Lv Honglin

in Beijing, 7-11 is having a hard time. The first to enter Beijing, worked for many years in the Beijing market has been lukewarm. Although the number of stores than Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities in the south, but due to geographical factors and urban planning, Beijing did not form a mature convenience store market. According to the survey by Kantar Retail, 3000 people in Shanghai have a convenience store, while Beijing is a total of 10 thousand people.


With the

family last year and Rosen two convenience store brand in Beijing, at the same time the electricity supplier to the last mile front more extended, convenience stores as the representative of the small business has become the battleground areas. The convenience store is full of Beijing launched the "assets" under the mode of shops plan, 7-11 also regularly every Saturday in Dongzhimen at the headquarters to join that will store in intensive opened since June. At the same time, there are established from the 7-11 from a batch of middle-level personnel next door convenience store (Lin+).

from the beginning of May, a company called "the neighbor (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd." in a number of convenience stores, the recruitment website released a large number of recruitment information from the front desk to store play. This start-up company because of the largest convenience store in Beijing 7-11 dig middle managers and caused a lot of attention, neighborhood home is also reminiscent of the name of the Vanke neighborhood community business life plan. This is the Vanke's retail brand



from the beginning of 2013, Vanke actively promote its layout neighborhood home community business concept. According to Vanke business planning, community commercial brand "neighborhood" series mainly in the community supporting the main set of coffee shops, convenience stores, farms and other necessary facilities of community life. Vanke Group, said the person in charge of the neighborhood (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd. is not Vanke's. "It is not the company and our relationship, just the same name." Currently, there is no intention of Vanke in the convenience store, community business is mainly aimed at exploring the cafeteria, etc., there is no retail, FMCG considerations.

according to industry and Commerce publicity information, neighborhood home registered capital of 100 million yuan, the establishment date is 2015, 05, 05, the legal representative is Wang Zi. Wang Zi was born in 7-11, is in the middle of the Beijing shop for many years in the field of regional talent, has served as a regional guidance positions. Wang Zi said, Qiyi XXXI (Beijing) Limited company president Fukuda Da is his old boss.

Two months after

, Beijing near Chaoyangmen, the new "neighborhood" convenience store attracted many workers. In addition to the newly opened shop in the street in Beijing City, according to the enterprise credit.

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