What is the most profitable to open shop selling Taobao shop to sell what is better


What is the most profitable to open shop selling Taobao shop to sell what is better

as the saying goes: Women afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line. If the direction is wrong, all the efforts are in vain. Bill Gates predicted: twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can be! Now Taobao shop, is more and more recognized by the majority of users. Taobao online shopping has become our consumption habits, some people see the online shopping business, have joined the family of Taobao, intends to create a career in taobao.com, a Taobao shop, but the novice drives a Taobao shop, we are very concerned about how to set up shop, sell what sell what is good? Below, I will make money? With my years of experience with the Taobao shop we chat


first, how to set up shop in Taobao, this problem is not difficult, I was also feeling the stones across the river, do not know the northwest. Now Taobao shop itself has been relatively simplified operation, the operation is not much technical content, but the steps are still somewhat cumbersome. For example, you need to register first registered Taobao account, Alipay, and then need to prepare three pictures: positive and negative one holding my ID card in the body, according to each one. After these are ready, you can apply for a shop in Taobao, Alipay and Taobao to complete the real name authentication shop certification, finally fill in your store information, which need to use your bank card, mobile phone number, identity card, etc.. The main operations include the above several parts, but each step has a few steps to the more than and 10 step of the specific operation. Specific details of the operation of the new shop, I have written a very detailed Taobao shop guide, I do not know how to open the Taobao shop directly asked me good.

clear how to shop in the Taobao online shop selling Taobao, following continued to talk what a good conversation, in fact mainly depends on all the resources and hobbies, of course, combined with capital, inventory and other aspects to consider.

online shop has two options: a "virtual goods", "two" physical objects".

: the first to talk about the virtual bar, this is to warn you! Is not through virtual logistics delivery of goods, such as prepaid recharge, game cards, prepaid QQ service etc.. Selling virtual goods before September 24, 2013 or may, but not now! Virtual profits are relatively low, every 10 Fen of the profits are not, before doing a virtual recharge is to enhance the credibility of the shop, but now Taobao issued regulations, virtual and real credibility credibility is separate, if you too much in the virtual credit. Taobao activities, sell real, physical goods will drop right, if you get the improvement of virtual credit, real change in, then your shop is scrapped, so now is not what to do virtual recharge.

second: physical objects. The real is through the logistics of transporting goods, such as clothing, shoes and bags, cosmetics and so on! Shop to sell the real profit is still very impressive, considering the experience, capital, inventory and other issues, do real was divided into two kinds, for example:


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