Civilian and luxury E commerce


Civilian and luxury E commerce

today as a transit network to understand what no attention the news: in October 11th this year, serves network and Italy from the global luxury brand Salvatore (Salvatore Ferragamo) reached a cooperation, duly authorized official authorization to build online shop for ferragamo. This is the world's leading luxury brand for the first time authorized China's electricity supplier platform as a partner in online sales. Luxury e-commerce many people unfamiliar, because e-commerce in ordinary our daily contact with the vast majority of civilian electronic business, whether Taobao, or Jingdong, or Suning, even and so on, is the electronic commerce represents luxury goods, luxury goods e-commerce in Chinese can't do anything.

grassroots e-commerce e-commerce

Chinese e-commerce development time is not long, unfinished mode mature, but now the electronic commerce is the focus of domestic every hour and moment, far not said that the recent Taobao double eleven, double eleven Jingdong, "price war", the bank into the electronic commerce, the insurance industry has also entered the electronic commerce and so on, to find the details to discover whether Taobao or Jingdong are grassroots growth enterprises, is the electronic commerce on behalf of civilians, in Chinese billions of civilian population, is a largest luxury consumer groups, although the big profits, but did not have enough brand accumulation, sedimentation, development time, world famous luxury goods are more than half a century of accumulation for luxury electric providers also need enough time and patience to growth and development, so at this stage For China, more companies are grassroots.

China e-commerce also appeared luxury e-commerce, but no good times don't last long, development is restricted, and the bottleneck. The fire in the capital market in 2010, China luxury electricity supplier in the field of the emergence of a number of luxury goods with concepts, including serves network, share and network, and Luxuries network. On behalf of these luxury electric providers have encountered in China unable to obtain the real value of the goods, but this year, e-commerce is Rainbow Night, industry reshuffle is serious, the electricity supplier for the luxury goods is undoubtedly one disaster after another, almost fell to the freezing point, survival is a big problem.

before this, in fact for the industry of e-commerce has the luxury e-commerce e-commerce is not classified or civilians much, is named for general concept, indeed in the Chinese of the environment, has the meaning of luxury with foreign different e-commerce Chinese pays more attention to civilians, and free open, affordable, pay attention to the interests of more services, and the concept of luxury I guess is imported from abroad, because of the global luxury goods are basically a lot of foreign.

luxury values and future

luxury, first impression of Chinese people is rich and noble objects, and many times are bad for luxury, natural inertia give the same luxury wink, "

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