Community O2O electricity supplier in the future profit model is not clear decisive factors


Community O2O electricity supplier in the future profit model is not clear decisive factors

by Alibaba, Jingdong and other companies listed in the East, 2014 e-commerce market to maintain a high speed and high profile development trend. But the growth in the traditional electricity supplier market space is limited, more and more commercial enterprises began to focus their development in the field of O2O, catering, taxi, supermarkets, and even print, dry cleaning business has become a member of the electricity supplier army. At the same time, this kind of business is in the close distance of the community as a platform, therefore, the O2O community has become an important factor in deciding the future of electronic commerce industry.

but the community O2O is also facing problems and challenges, one is not clear profit model. The current popular taxi software has been challenged by industry, through preferential training user groups if there is no real form habits, whether the Commission mode or advertising value-added service mode are difficult to normalization. The logistics class and property class O2O companies also need to bear the high cost of land and labor, once there is no obvious increase in the income of enterprises and businesses to bring the effect of the line, it is difficult to maintain long-term.

two is online and offline service content deviation. Among the community services, due to the relatively short distance, once the content of online service deviation, the user will easily abandon the online channel. In such as laundry, housekeeping and other services for users, the "closed" service processes the doubts, if there is no advantage even online service Quejinduanliang, it is difficult for users to develop the habit of using high frequency.

community service is difficult to achieve standardized replication. The service quality of community O2O is easy to be affected by the factors such as emotion, environment, personality and learning ability. At the same time, the geographical characteristics of different communities, the crowd attributes, consumption habits are also very different. O2O companies can not be standardized service template for simple application, which also increased the number of intangible investment and time costs.

to deal with the challenges, community O2O should pay more attention to the cultivation of the parties involved in the use of habits. In general, only the coordination of good business, property, the interests of all parties to do the streets, in order to smooth business promotion, and in the case of a mature market value added services to achieve profitability. So, compared with the traditional e-commerce, community O2O to face the interests of the main body, in addition to consumers, but also need to businesses, property, street as a service object. At the same time, the competent authorities should strengthen the community management from the perspective of community public service O2O.

China's current community service there are many pain points, for the community O2O companies are cut into the market opportunities. However, under the online experience can not be replaced, the community must play the role of online O2O value-added effect, enhance value-added services, such as information transparency, the nearest transaction, delivery control, etc.. The first part of its service can not be missing in the user experience, while providing additional value in terms of cost, efficiency, comfort, etc.. From the current situation, the discount is still the most effective breakthrough point, and how to make "lazy" more "lazy" and further play > empty

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