Hunan radio and television news interview taobao com negotiate E commerce


Hunan radio and television news interview taobao com negotiate E commerce

December 7th morning news, Hunan television market process is accelerating: since last month and Shanda joint venture Sheng pictures, Hunan radio and television began to get involved in e-commerce. Familiar with Hunan radio and television recently frequently meet is possible, both the depth of cooperation in the future electronic commerce.

6 evening President Lu Zhaoxi and Hunan TV host Wang Han photo exposure, Hunan radio and television insiders confirmed that last week, Hunan radio and television organizations including the golden eagle net and host team went to Hangzhou to discuss cooperation with Last month, Taobao has sent a team to Changsha to visit Hunan radio and television to learn.

Taobao stakeholders said that these exchanges are the company's daily exchange of learning. The exchange of learning background, Hunan radio and television's energy-saving recently quietly launched the shopping channel, and the channel is to cooperate with "hot woman".

However, insiders pointed out that

, Hunan radio and television and Taobao are talking about a deeper level of cooperation.

last month set up a joint venture with Hunan broadcasting grand conference, director of the Hunan Provincial Administration of radio Ouyang Changlin has revealed that the restructuring scheme of Hunan broadcasting has been approved, and a joint venture is the first step, and then there are the Qinghai satellite TV, Taobao and other aspects of cooperation. From the market to operate the enterprise, may be more suitable for the survival of the market."

in Ouyang Changlin's view, although the user contributed very high ratings on Hunan satellite TV, Hunan satellite TV, but not with customers to produce good products and services, and this problem can be solved by new media. Therefore need to get through the middle and lower reaches of the platform, the integration of more abundant, more forward-looking industry chain."

Although Hunan

broadcasting and depth cooperation details not clear, but there are rumors that the next year will be and Hunan satellite TV to create a new shopping platform, Taobao online shopping advantage with Happigo TV shopping advantages.

but the rumors have not been Hunan satellite TV and has confirmed, but in fact has begun to set foot in the field of TV shopping: day before and the number of China group cooperation, the TV version of page launched TV at home as long as the user can easily use the remote control, on shopping.

analysts believe that, with Taobao and more and more external resources to cooperate, meaning that the big Taobao strategy will be more clear and open. If you can and Hunan radio and television to launch a new model of cooperation, will be one of the important steps Taobao strategic cross media, cross industry, cross platform."

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