Three tips for making money quickly


Three tips for making money quickly

whether you are doing the traditional business, or in the Internet business, as well as help, these three marketing tips whenever I look at him, will bring me different thinking, aftertaste endless.

1 is the fastest way to let potential customers know you

on the Internet you have to do is two things, with the fastest speed to let others find you, with the fastest speed to find you need to find people, this is a very important thing, if your potential customers can make people to quickly find you, not you the competitors, and you can also mention arch rivals cannot provide value, people tend to believe that credit first to provide the value of the company or individual, so the first time you, is to provide free super value credit to them, from the expert status also established their own, also from your customers continue with your purchase.

2 earn more money from each person

from each of them earn more money, is to test the virtual customer lifetime value, in general, you want to get a new customer is very difficult, very slow, but also very expensive, we get to know a new customer, they may buy 5 to 10 times of your product, or is more, so quick to let your customers buy your product, also from the trust, so the first business, do not lose money on it, if you are engaged in Internet business, and also is the first time you want information products, give them free products, and also is a super value, if you the first time it gave him over the value of the product, he will do business with you, will think, will make money, he will be with you to sell your products, which is why, always say, business on the Internet, the information must be done Products, for the first time to give them 10 million of the products do not give them money, only the information products can be done.

3 to sell more products to existing customers

to provide more products to existing customers, we must continue with your customers to establish a good relationship, is to care for them, help them to solve the problem, can not regularly send some message to him, send him on his birthday he a special love gift, finally let your relationship with a friend relationship with the end of the formation of their relationship, is the relationship between you and me, not when you introduce your new product when, as businesses in the marketing of products, but also a friend gave him some good advice, he is selling products will be reduced to resist you. Because people love to buy products from his love of the people there.

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