The enterprise did not stand the conversion rate is proportional to the ranking and website


The enterprise did not stand the conversion rate is proportional to the ranking and website

at the beginning of the article said, the search engine optimization marketing technology is only one of a variety of marketing tools, it can bring the effect is just the tip of the iceberg, if enterprises only know how to use search engine optimization, too much emphasis on the website ranking and ignore other marketing means will cause the instability of flow, the conversion rate can not improve the situation. Therefore, enterprises should learn to disperse traffic station, multi-channel access to users. For example, micro-blog to attract traffic is a very good note, we can use the most popular micro-blog marketing to attract a large number of fans to enter our website, the author investigated, many enterprises have also entered the micro-blog marketing website, so their conversion rates are pretty good:

[first]: don't rely on search engines to bring traffic, more traffic entrance should be made to get the user

now is the era of belonging to the Internet era, with the development of information technology and transparency, the enterprises have already smelled the aroma from the Internet big cake, have fought in the Internet market, in an attempt to grab a cup of soup. Many enterprises station along with the influx of Internet, and a variety of marketing methods also emerge in an endless stream of search engine optimization, one of which is, by improving the site in the search engine rankings to get more visitors. It should be ranked higher, the conversion rate of more, but the author found that many enterprises are facing a dilemma station: rankings continue to advance, but the conversion rate is not increased much. What is the reason? How can also solve this dilemma? Here I come to you and simply talk about it.

landing pageWhat is the Micro-blog

marketing is just a variety of marketing tools, we should be more mining the rest of the marketing means, let the flow entrance become more widely.


[Second]: don't neglect the enterprise station landing page, to strengthen the construction and optimization of

(1) as the first prominent personality, concise. Website landing page does not have to do too fancy, too gorgeous, and should be able to highlight the site of personality. Now the enterprise station method most of the existing template, although this approach can save cost, but too monotonous style will let users Shenmeipilao, so add a beautiful landing page will be more to enhance the user experience. The landing page does not need to do too much, the interface is beautiful, >

enterprise station landing page? As the name implies, refers to the enterprise station landing page, users browse the first page of the website must see. However, I found that many enterprises have no station construction site landing page used. Website landing page is actually a very important element, especially to promote products business station, a website landing page if it is beautiful and practical, will bring a new user experience for the site, and then enhance the site's conversion rate. The author will introduce the construction and optimization of the website landing page should pay attention to:

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