How about now the nternet era of enterprise online promotion


How about now the nternet era of enterprise online promotion

network promotion way. As a result of major email providers such as NetEase to strengthen the anti spam mail, now.

mode of the third party enterprise blog marketing blog platform

4, personal independence blog website model

5, the blog marketing outsourcing model


this is the network promotion of new Web2.0 era. The popularity of blog blog promotion is done between bloggers and visitors, visitors browsing bloggers in the promotion of the article naturally or half unconsciously. In order to attract visitors, which requires a blog published articles to attractive spread. From this point, the blog promotion is another form of word-of-mouth marketing. Another advantage of the blog promotion is friendly with high degree of blog on the search engine, the same article in the search engine rankings than the general website.

Mail promotion -

enterprise common form of online marketing blog marketing, blog marketing in different industries and different scale enterprises, each enterprise adopts the mode of blog marketing is not the same, in fact, blog marketing can have a variety of different patterns, from the current application status of enterprise blog, enterprise blog marketing have the following six common forms:

For example: How do

love Shanghai for promotion, noble baby for promotion, YAHOO for promotion. This is the promotion of pay per click, quick, but the cost is high, but also vulnerable to peer to click. Love Shanghai for promotion and a baby Adwords is currently the most common pay promotion business, many companies consider promotion through the search engine will be considered for promotion and noble love Shanghai baby AdWords

enterprise promotion blog promotion


forum to promote enterprise promotion

business promotion


2, third BSP open platform model

The traditional 6,

enterprise search engine promotion promotion -

is a traditional way of network promotion. A good forum they are fairly boycotting advertisement, as long as you see in the advertising must delete your post. This is also no effect in vain. So we don't think the forum is to promote the post everywhere site, this is a misunderstanding of considerable. How do enterprise online promotion, Forum promotion purpose is to promote the brand rather than to get huge traffic, we do BBS promotion purpose is to promote the brand, sell their products, to guide users to buy our products, allowing users to take the initiative to search our products to our website, so precise user conversion rate natural high.

1, enterprise website blog channel model

blog advertising model

3, based on the

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