How to get rid of the search engine with interpretation of accurate marketing


How to get rid of the search engine with interpretation of accurate marketing


method two: because of the time, we


well, thank you for your support. The first original release (I hope to have the opportunity to be recommended), reprinted, please explain from 17 push BBS Zhuifeng handwriting, efforts to ha!!!

if this article recommended it, I promise every week to share some of our 17 forum members gropes in actual combat experience, although not necessarily to ensure that we get the number of orders, to attract much traffic, but at least can help you go a lot less detours.

The ?

following the herd to take everyone to practice how to find accurate customer through micro-blog


method: micro-blog

to search engine marketing, in addition to pay high bidding costs, enhance the natural ranking of search engine search engine optimization should be considered as a compulsory course website. In fact 17 herd in 17 has been called for you to push the forum in order to adapt to the change of search engine at the same time, also try to get rid of dependence on do precision marketing of search engine; 17 members with 17 push push herd has done a lot of research in this area, put some of these pictures today released I hope you have help.

company is currently to furniture factory using a AR augmented reality to increase sales of APP; so we want to buy furniture to the key words to do. Please see below:

PS: also welcome to push 17 forum official QQ group: 30618>


then the problem, how to find the precise customer in micro-blog

in which you can see the wind through precise customers want to buy furniture "search for the words out of the demand is more accurate!!! Are some of the needs of the user, in this process, what I used to love Shanghai? Use 360? Use other search engines the? Apparently not if you find me, I will eat my I5 configuration of the computer, I want to change I7 anyway!!!

search engine can be said half of the country ruled by the Internet, any website to obtain good network marketing effect, on the Internet by the user to easily find, with the power of search engines is a shortcut.


method is not a traditional micro-blog or micro-blog put micro-blog easy to push, but take the initiative to find accurate customer

is actually very simple, there are corresponding to the micro-blog search function, but also a lot of people are using; just a lot of marketing personnel (including some members of the old 17 push above) are not aware of this one!!!

next time!

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