How to make their sites to search engine home


How to make their sites to search engine home

this is the first step, the key is very important. Download a Alexa toolbar (preferably Alexa贵族宝贝 official), install it on your computer, this tool is only 483K, very small, in addition to install after let your browser window a little bit, not what other effects.

whether it is to do the promotion, or optimization, almost all of the original strongly recommended. Only fresh original content is the website content class, the past is the content of the website or put all sorts of things together even more harm than good. High quality content to attract users to visit the website. When the user has become the site of repeat, website ranking will rise.

1, Download Alexa toolbar

from Shanghai Longfeng analysis, search engine more love for static pages, static pages and dynamic web pages, search engines love more quiet, more easy to grasp, the search engine ranking Shanghai dragon rises more easily, as everyone knows, at present, some industry portals, such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Alibaba, love Shanghai. Most pages are static or pseudo static web pages, because the search engine spiders and ranked for easy, with auxiliary site weight increase. So I hope you can be your own web pages as static, this is a very important point:

this point, often mentioned briefly, said, is to increase the PR value chain high ranking, the chain of the site is quite large, so affect the ranking of the site, in Shanghai Longfeng practice as we all know, the chain is really a good stuff, some outside the chain of high quality related content of website ranking and weight is very.

2, only fresh original content is the first-class website content

4, website domain name

5, the chain drive weight

also affected the quality of the domain name to the effect of network marketing, a good domain name is of great significance for the website promotion. Now the website domain name almost is difficult to register, either the high prices, or wait for the time. But the website domain name is also more keywords, can increase the weight of the website.

for the webmaster, not a webmaster do not want to search for a keyword in love Shanghai, noble baby search engine, the first page of their website can be found in the search engine, for the promotion of the website, I was very confident of their own, in this, I express my opinions on "how to make your own website to the search engine home, hope to be helpful to everyone, of course, is much more complex than the real promotion listed below, if in doubt, the following are my contact details, interested can contact me, I believe I can give you what you want to contact, QQ:1657273754, mobile phone: 18959260004.

3, static page

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