Zhang Jianfei analysis of Web site traffic acquisition method


Zhang Jianfei analysis of Web site traffic acquisition method

search engine is to obtain the most direct and rapid flow, and is now the most commonly used many webmasters a traffic access. Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization) is from SE (Searching Engine) a method for obtaining the most cost-effective method to obtain the flow, a flow but this method is very risky, told us that the website is K, back to the night before liberation". So webmaster want to realize web traffic diversified acquisition method.

open platform, can also use the Tencent's QQ group, QQ space and other places to get traffic, where the flow is very considerable, with up to hundreds of millions of users of the QQ, and at the same time online number has exceeded 100 million. This simple said QQ space, imagine one hundred 90 users opened QQ space, if the 90 users in the daily number of only 10 people to enter the QQ space, then the one thousand person is one hundred to enter, and so on, webmaster friends can estimate the potential value of QQ space, a space of the QQ a Tencent or a Tencent, and many other services, we as long as the tip of the iceberg of the user, even if it is also a very significant figure.

believe that many webmaster friends have tasted the sweetness of the Tencent open platform, especially some forum friends, in addition to the Tencent is no other place worthy of our attention?

through the quality Q & a platform to flow is more precise and high quality. Because the inquiry platform in users, there are strong desire, no one will be nothing to ask, or look for irrelevant answers to questions. So through the inquiry platform promotion is very specific.

two, Tencent

, a search engine

series products


Q & a platform

site traffic is the webmaster friends often hung in the mouth of a noun. So how to more effectively to obtain the accurate flow? Many webmaster friends every day doing write text, the construction of the chain, user experience and some other work, the ultimate goal is only one that brings popularity that traffic to a site. This Zhang Jianfei to introduce some efficient source of traffic entrance.

In fact, in addition to the Tencent

inquiry platform promotion also has a direct link with the promotion and promotion of links with. With the connection is not explained, is to allow users to click to enter, of course, through the audit is a trouble. Without the link how to promote? In fact, there are many methods do not take the link, here is one of the most common approaches: when answering questions, like a good answer, then a particular word (closely related to the user's question) to love Shanghai search rankings, see you the website, if you say what goes in the top, the answer directly attached to the line; if the ranking is poor, in the back of the answer.

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