ncrease the weight is in the original or outside the main chain


ncrease the weight is in the original or outside the main chain

open in early October to be love Shanghai drop right has not been restored, because love Shanghai right down the flow line open down, now is the content page keywords ranking suck, how to do? Website weight is not high, so the article published every single page cannot get good this ranking is very deadly

usually you stick to 10 words a day, for 1 months, normal work day count, which is 22 days, that is a month down 220 days have a good weight! Of course if you want to enhance the website weight more words, the we must adhere to the above 3 months, basically is 660 piece! Of course, if you have money, the number can be released every day more, so the effect will be better!

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can say no, do not open before in the external links there are basically the user reproduced is love Shanghai reverse link, then to 10 thousand and 6! But I do not know how, love Shanghai reverse link dips, dropped to more than 4000 this month, in my efforts next, the reverse link love in Shanghai has increased to more than 7 thousand, but from the original love Shanghai reverse link the gap is too great! Of course reduce love Shanghai backlinks brought me is the fatal love Shanghai weight drop, simply say it is open to be loved in Shanghai down the right, I think this the reason for the decline is caused by the external links of the Shanghai love

above is to enhance the site through the method of high quality external links, to enhance the website weight of the other, for example, blog forum link links, classified information website links, links QA products and so on, these external links can help website weight increase, but the total quality is certainly not as good as the news station released external links to

so in order to put down the right site, I do the chain gradually, but to increase the reverse link today love Shanghai to 7 thousand, but the overall weight did not love Shanghai very well, although the weight of column page > love Shanghai

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I mentioned above is the external links for weight lifting effect, this is allow all doubt things, external links for ascension website weight is certainly very helpful, but do a website is simply relying on the external links

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for the love of Shanghai weight, some people may think that love is a substantial increase in Shanghai reverse link, this I do not agree, for the love of Shanghai link certainly is better, but the high quality backlinks to improve the weights of the website that is more important! Everybody knows a basic problem, is a lot of time people in Shanghai love weight, weight is through the idea to raise the love of Shanghai issued a press release, when vertical portals, local portal and portal website issued a press release with external links to enhance the site's weight! This method is very effective to enhance the website weight

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