The love of Shanghai K station enlightenment firmly grasp the real user promotion is the kingly way


The love of Shanghai K station enlightenment firmly grasp the real user promotion is the kingly way

, a Shanghai love is just a search engine, the webmaster should not be too dependent on the user, it is fundamental to.

Direct extension of

brand building 2, by the scale of the network marketing, although this method is the best effect, however, is suitable for the enterprise, because the need to invest a lot of money to carry out network marketing and brand building.

web site traffic way has many kinds, can be roughly divided into the following three categories:

3, Shanghai dragon optimization, through Shanghai Longfeng technical means, the site in the search engine keywords (like Shanghai) good rankings, so as to obtain the flow, to achieve profitability. This method is the most current trend if greedy method is the fastest, most webmaster is consistent with the utilitarian attitude. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is operational thinking today ruled most webmaster, many webmaster also resulted in "IT" become migrant workers basic reason, with the search engine and gradually improve the focus on the user experience, Shanghai dragon station optimization to get the ranking of ideas, gradually exposed the shortcomings. The love of Shanghai area long K station, fully confirms the pure Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to get traffic is not reliable, too much love Shanghai, once the webmaster of the site was K, all efforts will come to nothing, the cruel reality will soon appear in front of. The author personally.

love K station in Shanghai from the beginning of June 22nd, causing many owners in the hot summer, had to spend in the suffering and waiting. From the webmaster forum, webmaster discussion on love Shanghai K station, you can see that many webmasters are influenced by the love of Shanghai to adjust the income and livelihood is also affected seriously. The worse, hundreds of websites have been in love with certain stationmaster sea K station, the station's livelihoods are affected, it is no wonder the webmaster as can be imagined, spontaneously organized click love Shanghai bidding activities. Whether you are angry or abusive, calm thinking, we need to continue to move forward, need to reflect on. The same is a web site, but is a big and small problem, why should we choose to let their website profit is subject to another website, even love Shanghai monopoly, except on love Shanghai we cannot sustain development? To maintain their own characteristics, the user is not affected by the wind, stand outside, can continue to gain profit website is the most promising site. This paper focuses on the webmaster to firmly grasp the real user promotion is the kingly way.

1, real users, through online QQ group or offline activities, and constantly create a user site, users and users, directly related with the depth between users and businesses, the formation of customer relationship chain, realize the website as an information link role. The establishment of website customer relationship chain, is not a short duration of time things, the owners need persistence and hard work for a long time, need to communicate with users and organizations of all kinds of activities in depth, and constantly improve the operation way according to user needs, the content of the website and the website of the adjustment.

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