Yao Jingang the most relevant information about love in Shanghai


Yao Jingang the most relevant information about love in Shanghai


, a search results page title contains search keywords, ranking mainly with the site itself on the site and well-known brand website has great advantages. As long as the keyword with the title, the most relevant information to love Shanghai, and the traditional web page ranking algorithm has great difference, external link anchor text may not have what role here. As shown below.


display information more timely, in Shanghai the most relevant information results page, we can find that the results are displayed on each display page included time, included time is generally a few hours before, there are 1 days before, 2 days before the Google search, and always have some similar, from the user level speaking, users will naturally love to watch the latest content. From the site level, the more frequently updated website can get more traffic from the system.

but not all of the key keywords "new information", when we search for "love in Shanghai when the keyword Shanghai dragon", the middle part of Shanghai love result list will appear "news" link, as shown below.

can now confirm that the revision of the most relevant information is love love Shanghai Shanghai news, but after clicking in is not to love the Shanghai news, but the article pages in the front, to love Shanghai the most relevant information search results page, can be easily found in the list of results all the keywords associated with the content of the page, not a web page or related links. A search for "middle part love Shanghai" this result, also has "the most relevant information to love Shanghai".

search "newly listed companies in 2010 in Shanghai" love today, love suddenly found that Shanghai has a "most relevant information" 2010 new listings link, as shown below, do not know this subtle change how many people to pay attention to, now we talk about this love Shanghai relevant information.

Display the list of URL

three, the front is the name of a web page, there may be some love Shanghai site will be recognized by the system included, as "love Shanghai the most relevant information" page source.



in general, the most relevant information I love Shanghai is more optimistic, compared with the traditional news, timeliness and accuracy of it has greatly improved, can satisfy the user.


this should be the love of Shanghai these days to adjust their own results, I think it is more conducive to the user experience, in Shanghai the most relevant information in the results list, we can find the following characteristics:

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