On the inside pages included but not included in the cause of home


On the inside pages included but not included in the cause of home

This forces

: pages included home page screenshot is not

1, "test military forces" the keywords high density

summary: Xu Guoxiang analyzed 2 reasons above, there are different views of friends, welcome to exchange views, I think the new railway station, this issue is still normal, then continue to update the article, and the more the chain, believe that the home page is to be included, a period of time is not included, the estimate is right down because of the.

we met are not included in the home page, the page of the situation, recently sent a friend to look at the site when they found the inside pages included, but home but not included, feel very strange, for the love of Shanghai, perhaps not surprising, there are all kinds of situation, we can do is to analyze reasons try to avoid, which caused right down, do the daily update work, insist on doing every day outside the chain, the website below specific to talk about my friends:

my friend's military test site is new, in fact, the beginning of the line immediately included in the page, the first time to update the more included page, but the page snapshot has not updated yesterday, when the page is in, and included a few, but the front page snapshot directly no, I analyzed the blog, blog articles are original, so in the page below



please indicate the original article reprinted from Jingzhou Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon gq贵族宝贝/post/64.html

is better, why not included the home page

two: To investigate the inside pages included home page is

address: 贵族宝贝

blog chain is basically answer must add a few outside the chain, the other did not, although the new US as little as possible to do outside the chain, but it will be a small increase, the regular increase, but also pay attention to the diversification of the link, or have the opportunity to do some high quality of the chain.

from the above we can see that the "test military forces" too many times the words appear, in fact, I carefully analyzed, basic is the new normal, no accumulation of keywords, estimated to be doing other keywords, analogy test military forces subject, because love Shanghai because it forces the word. Military test a keyword, another is the author is used to test military forces, the solution is to "energy-saving" or "soldiers military test", the article tries to optimize the "test military forces", which reduces the keyword density, also played a role in optimizing other keywords. Of course, this is not necessarily a reason, but we can avoid or try to avoid

2, the chain is less and single


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