Keywords virtual son rain ranked a huge impact for site traffic


Keywords virtual son rain ranked a huge impact for site traffic


B, assistant of the general long tail keywords I recommend using the column page to optimize, because these pages do update is changing, but the correlation is relatively high, also in our content page will bring extra long tail keywords chain back to this page, this phenomenon is more prominent in the medical industry, the treatment method of lung cancer for example, as long as it is about the treatment of lung cancer can be linked to this page. Keywords auxiliary traffic is very large, generally less than the main keywords, just because it belongs to the long tail keywords, so neglected. If we can do these auxiliary keywords ranking, even do first, then we get the flow may be higher than that of the main keywords bring traffic, because the main keywords ranking will be very difficult to do.

C, the long tail keywords better use to optimize the inside pages, because we know that the weight of the inside pages of each link will increase in the page, the link between the more long tail keywords can improve the long tail keywords ranking effect. The flow of the keywords >


front to introduce me to understand three words, you can definitely say these words because the search volume and ranking different to bring traffic to the site is very different.

1, three words, three

website will generally be divided into target keywords and long tail keywords, and I think in addition to our target keywords can also add 5-10 auxiliary keywords for the site, these words belong to the long tail keywords, but also will bring us the flow, with potential customers. Below I will briefly talk about keywords to influence our site traffic.

A, the main keywords ranking is huge for the traffic impact on our website, the beginning of our website main keywords ranking is very difficult before, because these keywords competition is relatively large, we want to increase the flow of this time, you need to deal with in the construction of long tail keywords, especially the kind of people search keywords, but the competition is relatively small. A key index is 200, then we do the first, second and fifth of the traffic will be very different. In general, we believe that the position of the first search engine will occupy the natural flow of the 40%, second 20%, third 10%, the rest of the remaining 30%, has not been tested, but when our keywords outside the top three, at least half of the flow.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. We are very concerned about the keyword ranking, every morning, I believe that many of the first thing we see is your website ranking position, regardless of the use of tools or direct search, because we know the site keywords ranking has great influence on our website, one of which is the site of the most important traffic today I will introduce myself on the influence of traffic to the site keywords ranking for understanding.

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