The actual type of hospital website optimization and planning


The actual type of hospital website optimization and planning

only website users continue to increase, the hospital.


said "active", I will give you an example.


hospital site planning, operation directly affects the entire network team process, and even can be said to be the hospital to carry out network marketing "headquarters", its role should not be overlooked. The person in charge of the network is very busy, since we have planned this bowl of rice, it may help leaders give advice and suggestions can not be sloppy, set. For their own work, live up to the trust and cultivation of leadership, to afford you every day sitting in the office to earn the money. Do the planning must have its own personality and pursuit, have their own insist, know how to do it? Why would you do that? What is the benefit of the site and the hospital? What effect? At least, you have to think!! an obvious point, in the network marketing of the hospital is a very wonderful the way you want to make the website more vivid, also convenient for users to take the initiative to communicate with the hospital consultation.

why so cheap advertising but no one bought? Look at his website traffic, one day, his two city index page recommendation information browsing amount not to 20, not to mention the inside pages, and PV, as long as the F5 refresh, brush flow can easily. Then I found the Weifang channel, the home recommended information flow is less than 10, so every day to check the medical relevant information on the web, and the medical and health category of long tail keywords their website ranking is also very high, basically are in the top three in the top five positions, but why why traffic is so low? Tens of thousands of years of advertising also will buy

if it is not possible to run at a loss, it can be among the top of the home page advertising slides only 3 million a year, on both sides of a button, a year will add up to 20 thousand. Although the price is so low, but there is no one to buy, now put all their station advertising. Of course, it is divided into advertising area and disease, if it is sold, a year is not only tens of thousands of dollars, but the millions of

I think they have to get have the order reversed, although many of the hospital's information, but ignore the user participation, click to admit, no user and the hospital itself, naturally does not recommend treatment, will stay in hospital, not to mention the sell ads. Many of our hospital website to end Shanghai dragon skills to exhaust all the skills, do website optimization for what is, is the traffic rank?? click? After all, the site needed is

due to work reasons, in the love of Shanghai found "* * * best hospital treatment of nephrotic syndrome", the search volume is relatively high, and the degree of competition is very small, so the attention for a moment. To search for a medical health portal, is very simple, the atmosphere, look carefully, PR6, ranked 9000 in the world, thousands of area and disease information, more than 70 thousand hospitals, more shocked me is that this site has only run for more than two years! Can be the biggest problem is that it is

! do not make money!

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