Chen Jirou B2B website promotion optimization talkative


Chen Jirou B2B website promotion optimization talkative

I do see what help to you. The following is my operating station, Hangzhou Hengxinda Chemical Co. Ltd. the main push www.hxdchem贵族宝贝 key words: Hangzhou Hangzhou Hangzhou Hangzhou soda alkali sulfide sodium sulfide sodium sulfide sodium sulfide boric acid manufacturers price.

above we can see that the site of the first 20, we are very familiar with, but I want to say is not all sites for B2B marketing (here mainly for the love of Shanghai and other search engines), as ranked first in third of the Alibaba, China's manufacturing network is not the most suitable, according to my observation, love Shanghai for Alibaba included is not good (I mean here is no charge) in a Alibaba if you not integrity is very difficult to obtain the ranking in Alibaba, and love Shanghai not included in your product information, so the Alibaba to do the friend please note. Talk about China manufacturing network, the website weight is great, but through the examination of the membership can only be released 10 information for us to optimize the hundreds of thousands of words, it is not enough. The other I will not do so, what good they can go to the mining site, only do we have to know. I through the analysis, research and practice and combining our own products, I choose a total of more than 20 platforms, here I will cite the 10 B2B website for your reference: 1: Marco Polo; 2: 3: Global trade; a hundred responses to a single call; 4: HC; 5: million net; 6: > Enterprises

do not talk nonsense, directly into the question, the following is my operation.

read many articles, I like how with the aid of B2B platform to do promotion is to teach you how to use the B2B website optimization promotion platform, in fact, master is really a lot, they write is really good, you can in the webmaster nets, Shanghai dragon forum, A5, tui18,28tui and other places behind, find a lot of articles why, these people can do good, but most people only worship them in there, really hard, do what they said, really can achieve the effect you want, but most people just look at, to read, read well... This article is really good, then...... Those who continue to worship master. I seldom write, let me write is not write it, just published in this feeling only, but I'm also their sense of satisfaction is my learning ability, I also had to execution. Again do network promotion, Shanghai dragon really is not difficult, as long as you insist.

first step: before the promotion of B2B, we must know what the need for the promotion of the platform, so the collection platform is a very important step. As for how to choose the right platform, here I simply say how I choose. Just started doing, I in the B2B website ranking in search, where you can look at the latest ranking of B2B. See below:


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