Shanghai dragon who told the two important things


Shanghai dragon who told the two important things

suggestions to the webmaster address sent, let you take a look at how the love of spiders in Shanghai. Address: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/guide.html. In order not to let you forget, you can fall in love with the sea search "love Shanghai for stationmaster opinion" is the first. In fact, what do you do on any website, will have the help and advice, so the webmaster must consider., welcome to reprint, please indicate the source but ha, thank you ~~

I have an article stolen, then sent to other sites, the corresponding station administrator said I was pirated, I depressed ah, what was stolen, also sent to the famous website up. This is a good lesson, after my first composition must first sent to the A5 station, otherwise it is sent out.

?A I love Shanghai

more than a year after the Shanghai Longfeng practice, I found a Shanghai, there are many blind, what is the blind area of

This article from the original

blind: do not know the working principle of

website has a good ranking, owners will continue to write the original article, but make painstaking efforts hard to write original, do not know what time would be someone else's masterpiece, plus his site address, see a lot of Liuhe, hearts that hate, don't find people are of no avail. So it must be told who wrote the original Shanghai dragon, will have to register to post in the A5 forum that can maintain their original, the single, because of the early release of the time and you have indicated, others is stolen, there is no reason not to admit, if not by A5 do not rush to to other sites, to revise the article to see, A5 submission guidelines, as long as the original, is still very easy to pass.

zone two: the original article is stolen by others

a lot of Shanghai dragon who only know watching others posted posts because of learning, always put all sorts of things together, do not know their corresponding website to do, but do not know what to do is right. Let's say that you do not know the specific way of spider love Shanghai. I also have such blind spots, always feel to see N posts, can not let me know exactly how to do the site. Of course, see others write original articles of learning is necessary.

spiders love Shanghai In order to make the

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