The new owners is poor to bully you


The new owners is poor to bully you

has always been to another safety promotion 360 browser, in white users occupy most of the desktop, a mirror system. Not what harm this system ah, it allows users to visually see whether this site for the record, increase your credibility. Provide users with a visual data identifying website. This system may be known by the webmaster. I am also in order to increase the authority of my website, with the record companies. The identification results inform the 360 no longer accept the security of the site, when once again open identification, wait for notification. I have to say, I have last year bought a table! What do you mean? The enterprise record is a secure website? You notice after the filing of the site is not safe? By the early are lucky.

When compared to

webmaster send their URLs are met. The funny thing is, before I site or the green signs display security. Don't know why I like the Tencent chiefs to security cannot be determined. I also call the Tencent's customer service. I finally get to their customer service are not what to say. A strength of this said there is no way to solve, can only wait for the. I used the website of Tencent's discuz program, without any code, without any plug-ins, you can determine the safety of the Tencent, you sent your product to do? This is not your own joke? I have to say, I ask a Tencent customer caused me alert. He said the record number is your enterprise record? You also say. Since this site I record companies appeared after customer service! And the Tencent when you open my website, I also think my website banner is advertising. Then the words "no advertising page automatic speaking" the two things that what? The profitability, enterprise website do not give money to intercept your website. Tencent customer service also said. We don't call it intercept your site. Is that did not intercept, but eighty percent users see this reminder, I will open the site? So I said: grass root webmaster poor? Is your

with irritable mood make me depressed two Tucao Tucao things together with me, I feel depressed webmaster certainly a lot, or I can't afford such a problem. The first is to Tucao Tencent, with QQ is irreplaceable. Slowly also introduced some of the plundered money wrong ideas, but also the noble guise for the sake of the safety of users.

gangster bully!

, a lower ranking snapshot first met this kind of thing, as a rookie I can only stare, love Shanghai love Shanghai, the webmaster of the shout shout. The answer almost all about, something is nothing more than the chain, excessive optimization, and so on, pseudo original heard the raw cocoon. Download Web site log to see, to capture spider, also caught. Links is so few, see does not exist outside the chain of being punished. Really do not understand why snapshot file, ranking will be reduced. A keyboard a cigarette "last year I bought a table

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