Website construction must be more from the user perspective


Website construction must be more from the user perspective

is the link layout is a science, the reasonable layout of the link is of great help to improve the user experience and search engine perception. The layout can effectively link in many places, the common position of the breadcrumb navigation site navigation bar, each column inside the channel, and the website content inside the site map and related links, and so on.

The main purpose of

is actually a lot of people fall into the mistake of thinking that in the process of website construction, the implementation of internal links to enhance the website ranking. So, hidden text in various ways, even the bridge page link It is often seen.. From the perspective of network marketing, in fact may not be the case, Shanghai network company pilot technology that link building more should consider from the user's point of view, the value to the users of the same link to help the search engines crawl web content. Any violation of user value links, perhaps in a short period of time can be the ideal site activity ranking, but definitely not for a long time. Many people may have different views, the author of many years of experience in the construction site, from the user's point of view, step by step analysis as follows:

The main function of

two, the website links is what

, a website link is what

if there is no link, we will do when browsing the website? We know that every page has an URL address, that is to say if there is no concept of a link exists, when we browse the website, need a url. This is an unthinkable thing, if it does not exist when we link technology, the site will need to do a URL address list on the home page, and then through the copy paste, browse web content. But let the user remember a website, it is not realistic. If you really do not have to link technology, then estimate the search engine technology will not develop so quickly, because there is no link, search engine may not have the website content better way of vertical and horizontal depth retrieval. The search engine through the quality and quantity of the links have no way to judge the quality and weight of the site.

three, how should the reasonable layout of Web links

know the link function, it is easy to understand the main purpose of the link. The main purpose of the website links, is convenient for users to browse the web content, such as when a user opens a web page, you can through a hyperlink, click the mouse you can easily browse the entire site. When reading the content of the website, as long as the site builder in the relevant content among the contents of keywords, plus a link. It will tell the user, the main contents of the target web links, can improve the user experience of the website. We often see a lot of articles behind, there will be a related recommendation, in fact, the main purpose is to recommend articles related to the user. Of course, another harvest is done, can let the search engines crawl web content retrieval more in-depth.

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