Pay attention to the analysis of 360 tourism website optimization Shanghai Longfeng case details


Pay attention to the analysis of 360 tourism website optimization Shanghai Longfeng case details

Keywords: tourism, tourism, tourist routes, tourist guide, travel

meta and elemental analysis

is the two travel tool, but is very convenient for the users really need to travel. Many net >


navigation is very clear, very eye-catching. In addition to the home page, a total of 4 topics, domestic and outbound tourism attractions, attractions, and train tickets.

tourism website and train tickets:

(1) first look at "title, this is the key part of the website, the writing is very simple, but the site location and keywords do very well," travel "was repeated four times, in 360, the brand of tourist routes, tourist attractions, service content, which is the main line and scenic spots the contents in the website. Here, the website main tourist routes recommendation service, and provide the line price is directly related to the profit point of group purchase, associated. Good use of the brand value, but also highlighted the theme of the site.

for you

2, "

description:360 tour is the service platform of the 360's, both at home and abroad provide one-stop travel for tens of thousands of well-known attractions


(3), mainly to strengthen the brand image. After all, 360 well-known in the domestic Internet is wide, can stimulate the user click description is a good description.

first look at the domestic scenic spots:

In view of navigation analysis


title:360 _ tourism tourist routes recommend _ attractions _ one-stop travel service platform

which spots in front row, which spots behind, oh, we can see from the attractions of the ranking, these are not randomly arranged, are in accordance with the size of search ranking. Web navigation exists in every page, search more competition more words, and the weights given in the more chain. The optimization principle is the same at the exit spot navigation, visible in 360 navigation time or under a lot of effort.

(2) keyword set, 5 keywords are fierce competition, in addition to the "tourism", behind four words from "title, this can effectively use the search engine segmentation function combination, search for" tourist attractions Raiders ", this page is competitive.

360 business really is getting bigger and bigger, the tour launched 360 new sites, open the page, although seemingly simple, but every page is extremely hard. Either do, or do the best. Today to share with you the 360 station optimization of tourism.

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