Look at the head of the Shanghai dragon has been misleading points from Shanghai official descriptio


Look at the head of the Shanghai dragon has been misleading points from Shanghai official descriptio

with the original quality it belongs to two things. Do website, recommended starting from the quality, and quality of the "original" article ningkuimoujian. A5 reprint articles website thousands, and live well, we have seen a lot of weight high.

exceeds this value, it will be intercepted off.

love Shanghai against low quality sites, became the original in the teeth of the storm. And all kinds of advanced pseudo original is also increasing. In addition, there are a variety of words instead of the combination and so on. Senior point please write original articles, regardless of quality, the original can be.


August 10th, love Shanghai webmaster communities opened "meet the interactive post stationmaster clinic open day". Official Lee formal and webmaster dialogue. To answer those questions have been put forward the webmaster ready to accept either course. Specific posts to love Shanghai head of the community, from Lee in the answer, as can be seen, some of us have always considered Shanghai Longfeng points of things, this was overturned.

The length is always the key points of

is a web page: size control in a certain size

There has been a very precise statement is "to control the number of K before the

is often mentioned, often will say 500-800 words. Although this is a suggestion, but not as standard. Even without any change to this standard.

LEE: "search engine" value judgment, not from the words of, but starting from the resource quality as long as the valuable content to users, regardless of length, we will give a reasonable evaluation. If the content on the site or service are very valuable and irreplaceable, the search engine, it.

three: the length was how many words should be

visible, love Shanghai and did not make any restrictions on the size of the page. Before this argument, is in love with Shanghai snapshot inside, large web page does not show completely, so it is considered to be intercepted. But it should be just the snapshot and hide it, in order to accelerate user access. There is a good illustration of this is, you can open the Sina snapshot of the home page, and then point out the "quick snapshot version", in contrast, fast version than the default snapshot and become more content.

late two: the original is of high quality

LEE: "We collected through feedback channels claiming the site is original, high quality feedback sites, of which more than 80% are invalid, even a large number of old Chinese medicine claimed 3-5 days healed website content throughout the reading barrier, claiming to be a high quality website."

LEE: "size to user acceptability of the subject. The love of Shanghai, we can accept the size of the page must have exceeded the number of times the ordinary "average size, nothing to worry about."

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