How to solve the website rankings not normal


How to solve the website rankings not normal


believe this problem some owners encountered, do their own website daily timing quantitative update, included is quite fast but through love Shanghai statistics is not to flow, not search rankings.

What are the main factors that

this is the most fundamental, home title writing and column keyword method, as far as possible to arrange some search index by keywords, love Shanghai index query keyword index, with more than the most relevant, search volume keywords, the first page and column page layout in 2-3 for a number of key words yi. If you fail in this step, you are a grassroots webmaster, no personal brand, then write again niubable also get less traffic, not to mention the ranking.

we wrote about 4 points above the most common cause of this phenomenon, so here we should solve methods and measures about the.

said this point is the popular website keywords and industry choice, choose the industry is too narrow, the audience of users is too small, a lot of people did not pay attention to. The number of searches to reduce natural, natural you do website in excellent content to write again cow force, but also can not get good traffic, this is fundamentally wrong.

4, the website overall score

encountered daily updates included normal no ranking did not flow solution

1, according to the keyword of the website for data mining analysis, choose the high correlation of keywords index page, channel, the layout (don't stack)

1, site location

said this point is the popular website drop right or in the sandbox, this common problem is new or punished (lower right) the station, although every day in the home, but is included, and column content title not search ranking, and the overall quality of the site, more than three points a relationship, I hope we can go to the website to review carefully.

you write in the website content, content of the headline is one-sided, or too professional, and not many people search. When we edit the content title must be modeled on the habits of users to edit, not in accordance with their own mode of thinking to write the title of the article. Consideration should be given to the general user through that words (phrases) to search before the title of this article, then we can combine user search habits to write the title.

to solve this problem with everyone under analysis this kind of problems caused by

, the 3 page column page keywords layout problem

2, according to the contents of the article title need to write search habits (that is simple to write a

? search)

2 site problem


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