Rational treatment of website optimization process in different periods


Rational treatment of website optimization process in different periods


new online search engine will be a similar qualification evaluation stage, the industry known as the "sandbox". Sandbox inside this time, we will call the sandbox sandbox period is generally 2-6 months. In the sandbox of this period of time, we still need to regularly update the article, but should not be too much change the structure of the site, modify the title of the article, the article to your site during this period may soon be loved in Shanghai included, but second days and search engines to remove this situation do not worry, as long as you do not use cheating, after a period of time the site will be re included. This time even to do optimization, website ranking will not produce quality leap, and in this period the most important thing is not to do keyword ranking, but trying to safety as soon as possible through the search engine study period to adapt to the continuous late visit spider. A lot of small website owners in this period are calm and not to live, an on-line immediately sent a chain across the Internet and search engine index the remotest corners of the globe, once the period after the update, the large number of cache writing is easily judged as suspected of cheating, the site later development will be fatal influence. Website optimization professionals usually experienced in this period is mainly done while standing outside the station optimization optimization is very small, sometimes one day one or two chain already meet the needs of optimizing.

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three, a rapid rise in

website optimization is not a short duration of time. To the site in the search engine to obtain high weight stable from the construction site, will experience different times during this period, so how to rationally treat these special period of

new study periodAfter


Optimize the staff excellent

website spent the new study period, as long as the intention to do station will find the website keyword rankings rapidly. This time as the optimization personnel must grasp the good opportunity, this time to work vigorously into the website optimization, and don't allow yourself to bear too much maintenance of the site, so as to avoid the distraction effects of website optimization work schedule. This basically every keyword ranking will fluctuate, don't wake up every day to open the computer search rankings, excessive obsession will produce very serious occupation habits the job is not very friendly. To know this time the most important work in addition to maintain a consistent style for more detailed content, another important work is the release of the chain of purpose, to form a kind of consciousness, every successful release.

keyword rankingOnce the

in website launch should first through the analysis of industry background, competitors, combined with their own situation to write a complete website optimization scheme. This plan includes keyword layout, program structure, content, link construction should have detailed operation strategy. At the same time on the site before the line, optimization of personnel should cooperate with the developer to program website internal structure, code design, so as to facilitate the search engine.

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