Rookie Shanghai dragon Er station optimization scheme first share


Rookie Shanghai dragon Er station optimization scheme first share

this part is mainly from the following considerations:

search engine optimization is divided into two parts: the station optimization and stood outside optimization, as Shanghai dragon Er all know. The station optimization definition refers to the internal web site optimization, the optimization of the site itself inside. Rookie Shanghai dragon before the rain Maple porch standing outside the contact more, to optimize the site of part still stays in the white stage, after the car ants want to exercise the ability to write the plan of the site after the station optimization. So from the part combined with the previous work experience and executive coaching, write to the company the first station optimization scheme! Under the following share station optimization ideas:

two is the rain Maple porch in the station optimization focus on the above.

The title and description of Optimization of

is a bridge between the site and search engine, search engine is to tell which files or directories can let the spider crawling, we often used to shield the dead link. The writing rules can refer to: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/robots.html

three, robots file

for similar car ants this mostly pictures of the site, the ALT property is particularly important. The search engine still can not identify the picture content, so the use of ALT to tell search engines this picture content to its better classification and image ranking.

The file Optimization of

seven, noflow

2.url standard: whether the preferred domain with index.php.

search engine is not only friendly user experience improvements, it will need to add.

six, breadcrumb navigation

3. pseudo static treatment: for long tail keywords ranking.


1. preferred domain: the search engine which pushed the main domain name is a domain name with 3W or without 3W or other


head is directly displayed on the search engine, no doubt this is the need to focus on optimization, which also involves the selection and writing standard keyword tag. The home page, channel, channel programs, content pages have to be more reasonable keyword layout, operation details and precautions, there should be a lot of information on the internet.


four, 404 pages

Determination of

noflow can be used to make some nonsense words do not transfer the weight, such as: registration, contact us at the bottom, the company introduced so that it can be used.

, head

five, ALT

two, URL standard

in this part of the main consideration to the user experience and increase the keyword density.

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