Study on the optimization and integration of Shanghai Longfeng external factors Shanghai Longfeng re


Study on the optimization and integration of Shanghai Longfeng external factors Shanghai Longfeng re

Hello, I'm Muzi into the boat. There will be the webmaster to share their technology for our daily Shanghai dragon, actually this piece of technology, take a few months to study it can be figured out, many people may feel the Shanghai Dragon technology is very simple, not really. In fact, that simple Shanghai dragon can really is very simple, because the four thing is Shanghai dragon to do every day: 1, 2, inside the chain update; construction; 3, the construction of the chain; 4, data analysis. But deep down, there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon is worth us to discover and research, and with the search engine ranking technology is more mature, Shanghai dragon is constantly changing, so we must do Shanghai dragon we want to have some in addition to some factors that influence the technology, which is today I want to introduce a view the.

In fact,

factors affecting Shanghai Longfeng many internal factors is the core technology, Shanghai dragon optimization on many webmaster technology every day by, these are pure technology, is the study of the internal factors of Shanghai dragon, although this is very good, but ignore the other one: the external factors of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Most of the time because of the intrinsic technology research focus on long time, many owners only pay attention to the Shanghai dragon practicing internal strength, it is possible to accidentally enter "spellbound", if you are lucky you can get rid of, if you unfortunately lost on time, in the president, and so study on external factors of Shanghai dragon but not so much investment, such as the Shanghai dragon experience analysis techniques, the website of Shanghai Longfeng data analysis techniques, website optimization strategy, website optimization Shanghai Longfeng resources integration is to optimize the external factors of Shanghai Longfeng our website. Today Muzi into the first is the Shanghai dragon boat to optimize the external factors for everyone to speak: the integration and optimization of resources.

I have many webmaster, they are very similar, these owners do not understand is the integration of resources optimization. On a day-to-day basis and I found some of them have many resources available, I feel jealous, sometimes can not wait to go back, but looked at me and worried about him, because he put aside resources not wasted, then I sad for him, because he put these resources was there a long time, is moldy, and some even being poached all resources. This is a very common phenomenon, I don't.


1, "Ningquewulan" or "laizhebuju

mix for a long time Shanghai dragon, everyone will know a word: Shanghai dragon fight is the resources. Indeed, what things, resources, good service, remember before I introduce myself some skills about resource optimization, here I come to you to talk about their views on the integration and optimization of resources.

Shanghai dragon resources integration and optimization of ?

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