The actual enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon skills summary


The actual enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon skills summary

2, search for many times, but the competition is small. It can not only guarantee the key words easier to optimize up, and can get more traffic. Now this word is not easy to find, but we can find words by digging tools.



keyword selection principle:

, frequency and density. In the search engine.

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5, commercial value. Different keywords commercial value is different, resulting in the conversion rate is not the same. Such as "Beijing villa design" and "Beijing villa design price" of the former may be owners search, may also be the only owners designers to search, search.

4, the main keywords are not too special. The main keywords can not be too special, too long words, the word search times low or no one search. I like the key words: villa design, Beijing villa design, can be, but the main keywords "Beijing town Glass villa design" is not reliable, it should belong to the long tail, the inside pages to do.

content. That is the target keywords I choose to do have correlation and our website content, products, services, such as my website is doing villa design, I have got a keyword "fashion design", this is certainly not.

choose the right keywords is one of the most important aspects of site optimization, we all know what to do is choose not to work, only to choose the right keywords to make site optimization in the right direction. To determine what kind of keywords, also decided the content of the web site planning, the construction of the chain link structure, etc.. The first to talk about the principle of selection of key words.

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by selecting this step we need to optimize the website the right keywords, and then put these keywords to reasonable layout to the web page. Then is to ascend first off the page keywords, keywords to get good rankings.

3, the main keyword is not too broad. How should I say this, as I do: villa design, this is my main keywords, but if I use the "design" as keywords, it is too broad. Because of the "design" contains many aspects of the design, but also greatly increased the competitiveness, laborious is not good to optimize.


with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises to enter the Internet, want to get better through the Internet to get the benefit of the enterprise, the general situation of enterprises are doing a business website for publicity for the company and business, it is based on my own experience to optimize the site how to optimize the station of a company.

Keywords Several factors affecting the

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