For the love Shanghai stationmaster linked to the sale of the chain is not hit aground


For the love Shanghai stationmaster linked to the sale of the chain is not hit aground

Baidu wants us to do well behaved children, that we may wish to develop good habits, after all, still love Shanghai very highly conscientious webmaster.

do not know what time from the beginning to do the work of the exchange links, say, at first it is very effective, but also has a remarkable significance to pull weight website, but just like pseudo original, Jerry, opportunistic approach has come to an end. 11-5 love Shanghai station once again issued a notice on the sale of links and punished, have to say Baidu really busy recently, Yuan Fang, how do you see.


when I change the link, often receive some stranger's visit, said to be a very cheap price to buy their links, the weight is high, included fast, but also to enhance the flow of words and so on, say I am tempted to tell the truth, for the link will have a bottleneck, as appropriate link almost all changed, already did not meet the conditions, this time if there could be such a link hanging do not need every day in the QQ chain or to find resources on the platform of information. Heart heart, mind prevailed, to calm down a hot head, first of all, this link has many unstable factors, they will not speak of the moving condition, is that we have just built new sites, the conditions are not perfect and need careful nursing for a period of time, if immediately hang up the weights of the links, do not think it will eat into a fat, this time is most likely to be right down, so in Shanghai love this announcement, friends of the chain is not grounded? Not necessarily love, Shanghai is aimed at the sale link, can not say the normal exchange links what is wrong, but now we can't change the link as before the The more, the better. but equal good, here is I summed up some countermeasures for the last stage of love of friendship:

against Shanghai ;

again: Links platform to better, this self change link platform is very convenient, when the chain to link with resources are very rich, but have to say this is in love with the sea platform at the closest station, variety, have to pay attention to, can be dragons and fishes jumbled together, to find quite a few links however, the use of this station to do outside the chain platform or forget it.


second: the conditions of equality exchange links, we are always trying to change than his own good station, the present stage must put the heart of the lower. We have to change with their station conditions quite links, whether the weight, income, rankings, traffic is quite not high nor low,

In this paper, by the Jilin city express 贵族宝贝h>

first: don't we change the number of links before insatiably avaricious, are over 30, not at the moment, about 10 can be, as long as these links do not often stabilize the chain, the weight of the website will give considerable data;

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