Expert interpretation of the matters needing attention in the station optimization


Expert interpretation of the matters needing attention in the station optimization

6, the anchor text should be reasonable in the station layout

in Tilte, key words, description, the content of proper words.

because I love Shanghai spiders cannot identify the picture, but he was able to crawl to the picture description information, so make sure your picture description is contained in the Shanghai dragon you. They can do all pictures of Alt attribute conforms to the W3c standard.

keyword density is the best in the 2% - 8%. This will effect lottery website system such as enterprise stand optimization reached the maximum in title, there will be described, the soft can enhance the ranking of key words, will enhance the effect of optimization.

3, URL

page spider crawling is the amount every day very much, his love is different, it is relatively simple and elegant HTML love this site model, if there are too many other languages such as JS and CSS, it will reduce the degree of love, so lottery website system of enterprises to maximize the use of HTML station code form.

4, Alt

2, JavaScript and CSS as external reference

content is king, external links for the emperor, Shanghai dragon is known to everyone. Write the station optimization is the site of the original soft inside? Of course is the conclusion, then I from the lottery website system enterprise station introduces a few station optimization techniques.

anchor text is very important in the station optimization, so it appears reasonable arrangement good anchor text, when the words add a anchor text >

Because the A direct relationship between

5, do not have duplicate content


search engine is not love an article containing duplicate content too much, so don't let contain redundant information in url.

spider crawling is the first page, so that home is directly related to the spider crawling on the back of the page. Site navigation if their distance actually may be short then to take a flat state. As the lottery website system enterprise station, these relatively small personal blog site, to improve the amount included in their articles will be their home on the surface above. For spiders don't grab pictures of flsh and this can lead to a spider to run slowly, it will endanger the stability and optimization of website.

Shanghai Longfeng members should pay attention to, too much URL will make love not love of spiders in Shanghai, such as the optimization of the lottery website system enterprise stand me up to the expected goal, Chinese keywords in the URL is no way to get the optimization optimization, because it is no way to show up, but from this is also the view of the search can be performed.

Because the to be clever decent included 1 navigation

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