The site for the record was suddenly cancellation and should pay attention to the local solution


The site for the record was suddenly cancellation and should pay attention to the local solution

I started looking for a free online space, now summarizes the domestic free space, but it is to be ID card photo these personal privacy information, and the audit will take some time, even if the audited website also put out of order those ads, I would go directly to the overseas free space, there are a lot of foreign the free space, then I chose 0fees. After the registration website uploaded, and then test the website, but also good! Also open speed is not very slow! A method is much better than before, but I am happy too early, I registered in 0fees VPN, this must be VPN to register, so the test site is in test VPN, when I quit VPN, in the open web site will not open, I suddenly realized that the 0fees space IP is GWF to seal! So domestic IP can not access, this method seems again. Later, I see some online friends to write about the foreign free space of Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station disadvantage, because the space is free, so what station are, if the content is not good and the station and you stand together, you do not have to stand to lose? Sit by K.! this can frighten me, I immediately put second days to modify the domain name! But it was too late, please look at the picture below:


my site is the record in 2009, do not know why a month before filing suddenly cancelled, the first thought is space and what happened, because before too often been done before it has to also want to change an independent IP space, but the space for business is to re record the site will be closed during in case filing, so have not been determined for space. The sudden cancellation or to record, you can change the space, but in my record during I made a lot of mistakes, now to share, hope everyone in this situation I don't like me to do.

when the site open when I was in a hurry, I wanted to buy a foreign space with but too expensive, the record is half a month later, a friend told me to do DNS forwarding, and then doing URL, do some DNSPod DNS forwarding free domestic, foreign free NameCheap. These two are good, just do it, the night will be ready, but when testing the DNSPod is successful, but the site opened quite slow, I want to change NameCheap to try it, but it was too late, slept for second days in. Second again the domain name DNS server to NameCheap well after the opening speed is still very slow at the test site, which I was anxious, there is another method below.

is the site was K!! and not because of the use of foreign space, but because of this a few days old domain name IP for love, Shanghai is sensitive to frequently change IP, do well "

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