Zhang Jianfei love of Shanghai open platform


Zhang Jianfei love of Shanghai open platform

with the rapid development of the Internet, whether it is business or company, or other portals, cannot meet the needs of hundreds of millions of Internet users, the rapid growth of Facebook for Google, Microsoft and other giants have seen the open platform of market value, have launched a strategy put open platform. Are foreign talk about the open platform, Sina, micro-blog, Shanghai, the domestic Tencent love so have launched an open platform strategy, in order to attract more users in this trend. To love Shanghai as an example, the declaration of "open set precision required for its hundreds of millions of users, together with the world excellent partners, sharing platform, and win new opportunities!", "world wide open box, win-win" as the slogan, began to open platform strategy.

open platform development prospect is broad, whether it is micro-blog, SNS search, or portal is an open platform to meet the needs of users. So the open platform of the market is no doubt. In this paper, by Zhang Jianfei (www.semanswer.net) original, please respect the original signature,

search market is huge, and the love of Shanghai is domestic search market share market share most of the search engine, so how to meet the needs of the platform of billions of Internet users is a big problem, and through the open platform, for developers and users needs to set up a bridge. The application developers provide by submitting the application, application in the open platform, through the love of Shanghai after the audit, available to users. The benefits of love Shanghai through the introduction of application of growth fund, application fee, application of value-added services and other measures, to ensure that the benefits of providing application developers. The more open platform can meet the needs of users, and attract more users to participate in the development or application using a series of service and love Shanghai more developers, the lack of love can improve Shanghai's own.

The following Summary: open platform !!!

for the application to fill in the information part of the legend (address: 贵族宝贝open.baidu贵族宝贝/data/:

love Shanghai open platform data, open platform, here to open data platform as an example. The user only needs to enter in the search box, the system will automatically match the most appropriate content returns in the user's search results. Site owners can also pass through the platform to submit their information display request, after examination, to display the show in Shanghai in search of love. The following is a customer resources through the audit screenshot:

in the face of widely used open platform, the webmaster can through the existing site for users of the application or application to love Shanghai open platform to submit, through the application of the use of flow guide for the website.

, love Shanghai several large open platform

data platform)The characteristics and function of

three, how to get traffic from

two, love Shanghai open platformThe

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