X Shanghai dragon website optimization problems should not be underestimated


X Shanghai dragon website optimization problems should not be underestimated

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is not able to cheat.

a lot of people in the time, attention will only choose keywords and other methods, but ignore the concern for competitors. In fact, competition is also very important, if it can be understood to the competitors, analyze its website content and so on, so it can better help your site to Shanghai dragon optimization, this way can more effectively to help people. At the same time, if you can not understand the competitors, so before the optimization effect may be very poor, can not meet people's expectations.

third, the competitors to understand.

, a lot of people think that the optimization effect is not strong, so the use of some methods such as cheating, plagiarism in the website content, add too much soft outside the chain, or provide a pay per click advertising and so on, these are not the right way. With the Shanghai dragon website optimization more and more, many search engines have begun to release some provisions for cheating website or webmaster impose corresponding punishment, it will also hit a website from largely ranking. Therefore, it can not be optimized by this way of cheating, otherwise it will give itself to unnecessary losses.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization has now become a very popular means. Maybe there are still a lot of people for this term feel unfamiliar, in fact, some of the staff X machine website is not unfamiliar to it, it means that by increasing the keywords and some other methods, to improve the search engine rankings for their own website. Nowadays, it has become a very popular way of publicity and promotion. So people should pay attention to what the problem?

optimization method is not single, but not rigid. Before the optimization, there must be a very in-depth understanding of the search engine, which is the premise of. Because some of the rules of search engine and therefore is constantly changing, and according to the different rules change their optimization method. At the same time, this method increases the keywords may not have been effective, not only can such a method. Add pictures, or some related links, it is a good method. People should be carefully chosen to avoid many problems caused by the single optimization method of the Shanghai dragon.


people in the time, to avoid the above problems, so as to avoid the influence to bring their own good. At the same time, people should also have a more in-depth understanding of the Shanghai dragon optimization, in order to better help you enhance the site's ranking, the better the effect of network marketing, and enhance the site's reputation and advertising investment, promote the development of the website.

: first we should pay attention to the optimization of the

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