Ma Yun learned a lesson from entrepreneurship no control of the board of directorsThe gain and loss


Ma Yun learned a lesson from entrepreneurship no control of the board of directorsThe gain and loss

Ma Yun said, "anything to do later, as long as you feel reasonable, I will listen to you.". I am now doing business, I do not want to control other people, but also no other people hate me like I hate China Telecom."

technology news Lin Jingdong October 13th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, the financing platform of creative projects Kickstarter found many unknown consumers dream, but to set off a revival of the wind in the hardware industry, the model needs to be further improved.

good side,

in 2014, Ma dialogue in Hangzhou, Japan, "business saint" Inamori Kazuo, Ma said Asian companies, especially Chinese enterprises, pay more attention to do "hundred years enterprise."". But the concept of "hundred years enterprise" is not accurate enough. Ali was founded in 99 years, the last century has 1 years, this century, 100 years, and then to the next century. I think we can do it for 102 years with good infrastructure. My eyes can only see 102 years, that is, 2101. I believe that later generations will do better than me.

we seem to have entered a golden age of product design, all the world's highest market value of Apple's business are built on it more than a dozen consumer products, at the same time we have unlimited potential for industrial design and creative feel more shocked. Why do I often feel disappointed when I go out with my product designers? Maybe that's because all design ideas have shifted to software and applications. Designers are often playing a very important role in the start-up industry. But for startups involving hardware products, it's hard to get the attention of venture capitalists unless you have a good deal with best buy or WAL-MART.


TechWeb March 28th news reports, the apprentice Ma Yun in the lake, college class is a kind of experience? The day before Lake University Third Session of the opening ceremony held in Hangzhou, the Lake University President Ma Yun also to the "teacher" status, teaching to the lakeside universities third students, in the course of lectures, Ma Yun talked about his change, "I have the biggest change is to learn from China yellow pages, do not control the board of directors."

smart watch Pebble Tencent technology plan

's pervasive Apple ads convince consumers of Technology

management Alibaba in addition to sharing ideas and experiences, Ma also talked about the company's employment experience, "the success of the company is what kind of person you hire, big companies depends what kind of person you fire. In the big company there are many old rabbits who do not work, and gradually infect more people." Xin Lei

talked about the vision of the Alibaba at Lake University's first class yesterday, Ma said, "if the enterprise is doing well, it will be reflective.". I made many wrong people, people talk about Ali, Taobao, Alipay do well, but they don't know me in the inside of the difficulties and mistakes. I'm becoming more and more convinced of our team. Not because of our large enterprises, many talents, but know what strategy. "Companies can do 80 years is great, this is the beginning of the Alibaba, but I see people is a hundred years, I saw 20 years less than people, I said the Alibaba to do 102 years, just over 3 of a century. The vision is to be in touch with the vendor, and the strategy is made, with a time period of about 5 years. We have done this thing after 10 years, there is no effect, and if there is no effect, do not get to our high-level discussion."


1 and Kickstarter saved many of the old projects,

, when innovative hardware like MakerBots and 3D printers can enter the mass market, that's a tough question to say. But at any rate, Kickstarter has finally provided a platform for attracting investment for hardware creative projects. I recently published an article on this topic in the New York Times, and I want to share it with you now. I found a Kickstarter centric hardware start-up economy model has been quietly shaping, and quickly become the object of concern in the industry. The following is my view of this phenomenon from the point of view of product design.

Ma Yun learned a lesson from entrepreneurship: do not control the board of directors

2, people now believe that technology can also be very real,


product design is governed by supply and demand rules. There are many ideas in the world, but there are few products that really turn into markets. As a result, most designers have a large backlog of excellent ideas and wonderful ideas. Although many ideas and ideas have spawned a number of design companies, they are still a long way from the market. Now you might say that we don't need a new tablet that is slightly different from the existing product, but many other classes of products have been overlooked, such as watches and thermostats. These products are not in sync with today's digital age. Perhaps the greatest contribution of Kickstarter is to let these people ignore the product life, to see the sun.

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