Mix boy the egg on the website article copyright headache


Mix boy the egg on the website article copyright headache

This is the number I

on the website article copyright that awful things, we also met to express their awful things.


!Here we have carefully for



, a reprint of the attitude of the parties: This is what to do when I'm boring, because writing the articles, I suddenly want to see how many people reproduced didn't leave my address, then I'm going to contact these people, that copyright issues, their treatment

this is the number I wrote articles of the title of the website, we can clearly see is 212:

was reproduced the number is 212, and the 70 links is to retain the copyright, copyright is less than 1/3, that saw this people angry, especially the people who have to write original articles, said the most simple truth, we Wuhan Shanghai dragon QQ group inside often have friends that web content to be reproduced but, by the same site, because they stand may be just set up, not weight, the article may have not been included was reproduced, is considered to be the people of the original article, but here I want to say is that as long as the site is normal to grab it, not just the search engine put don't worry too much about it,


retains the copyright link, but also can clearly see: 70:

Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng bloke wrote the reason today is this, instead of on site optimization aspects of the article, it is because the last write how to build a high quality independent blog this article, I contribute to the A5 and Chinaz, the time is just my contribution in the star 5, and appeared in the A5 box the first section, I want to have a regular contributor friends all know, A5 is the acquisition of a website is more, and there we contribute to the chain is relatively rich, but there is a feature of the A5 is very slow at the weekend or holidays in the audit, and we contribute to the will in the gap appear on the home page, and other websites collected articles either collector or manual will not stop because of the holiday, so we collected probability is higher, and on The edge reproduced by the greater probability, of course in the above classification limitations in several, so try several topics in this, we look at the picture:

Forum: This is issued by members of their own, so the general supervision forum is not convenient, many people leave their own direct reprint, remove the copyright >

seems to deviate from the theme, when I go to hell, today we mainly talk about is something about the website article copyright, first of all, the Shanghai dragon commands reproduced the number and the number of copyright article I see is right, let the map is more intuitive:

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