Lu Cong the actual analysis on the website of the new Shanghai dragon ER


Lu Cong the actual analysis on the website of the new Shanghai dragon ER

The tragedy of

we all know that the first step is to establish the website early choose good keywords, the keywords is half the success, is the main part of website operation success. At the same time to the certain time in mining on. Before a "Shanghai Dragon Mining Nantong Shanghai dragon how to write" how to choose. There are beginning to introduce the keyword selection and set up in the 20 little knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng novice must have in.


1, excessive and serious pile

I checked the website source code, this website keywords I count 61 full words, far more than a normal web site keywords, website keywords is stack, description and keywords website are not necessarily linked, can not let the search engines crawl recognition, search engine will think over optimization, easy to cause the site to drop right, K. From the website has white only included a page to see how low the weight of this web site.

2, the navigation menu

3, flash picture of the influence of the website

simulation to search the spiders to crawl a website homepage interface, I found this tragedy, since the website navigation menu is not grab, this on a website, is deadly! As the site navigation regardless of the site map or web page is an essential part of. The navigation for the website ranking more plays a certain role. The search engine spiders to crawl the site navigation will affect the site's ranking. Check the source code, is estimated to be due to the Java applets, javaScripts Macromedia flash, this kind of web navigation menu and cause search engines to crawl. Before the "LUCONG - site navigation of Shanghai dragon optimization effect" of the site navigation effect on site optimization in this article, here is not much


, the normal users, will be attracted to the FLASH of the website, because it is very beautiful, but the search engine is not love. Why? Flash for the love of Shanghai search engine did not come to the point you can grab. The search engine is a problem, not a web site, but now.

We said at the beginning of the

Moore Si Tong Technology Development Co., 贵族宝贝moresky贵族宝贝.cn/ see the beginning of this interface, for normal users, everybody will be attracted to the FLASH of the website, and did not seem to be worthy of attention, and the need for this business visitors, will certainly continue to browse to understand the needs of business, the customer how to see this through the website? Love Shanghai, noble baby? This website search engine keyword ranking basically in 100 outside Shanghai, the only love index in the top 100 of the 3 words are very low, almost no! What are the problems that this site

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