Site traffic coming but did not profit how to do


Site traffic coming but did not profit how to do

first, website image is not good enough. This is an important reason why there is no earnings flow website. Because when the image of the website, users log in after your website would quickly choose to leave, your site will not naturally have the corresponding income. So now only need to optimize your website design, is the main course of design, it is best not to change the framework and content of website, otherwise you may optimize the work before pay for water.

of course, if your site is too old or image version, need to change, then you need to use some of the weight of imported technology, so that the weight of the old version of the new version can be imported into the site, also can let users after landing in the old version of the site can be automatically switched to a new version of the site, so as to increase the user attractive. Generally speaking through a 301 redirect to be able to finish the work.

is for the owners concerned, when your site has the flow, that means you have success in the foot, the rest of the following is not doing a good job, to your website is temporarily not able to generate profits, as long as the following work, I believe you will soon gain success.

third, the corresponding conversion does not set the induced element. Although some websites arranged some advertising content, but the content of these ads are very lonely in the web page content on the formation of the typical island effect, users don't care about these advertisements, "

when we have been working hard through a variety of methods to increase website traffic, found an important problem, that is the site still can not make money, when the site facing this dilemma, often cause the final blow to the webmaster, because the last straw at this time so webmaster ruthless deprivation, which leads to the site finally choose to leave.

second, the content of the website you need to re optimize the user needs to. Site traffic can not rapidly translate into profits, because the user demand for your website is not high, your website to help users is not big enough. If you do is a technology website, then the technology content of the site must be rich, and placed some tech advertising products in place, so that it can convert a flow, if your website content quality is poor, it will be difficult to attract users to read the content, without reading. How can induce users to click on the appropriate advertising or purchase behavior. So improve the website content is very important, this is an important prerequisite for traffic conversion.

for a new website, want to get more traffic itself is a very difficult thing, this will take stationmaster great energy, and the source of this enormous energy is the site after the flow, it can form a profit, and thus gain results, but when the original can harvest. Was found between ideal and reality, even with such a distance, this will naturally have a great blow to the confidence of the webmaster.

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