The clever use of Links improve keyword ranking


The clever use of Links improve keyword ranking

Hello, I'm kiness, this time to share Links influence on ranking. Whether novice or veteran webmaster, I believe we all know and other sites to exchange Links can effectively enhance the weight of their own website, but Links is bidirectional, not necessarily safe, imagine your site to a drop right site for your site will be good if it is? A one-way link is different, especially the related websites to give our website is one-way link to the home page, the weights of the import is quite large, is the most secure, it also links trading one of the reasons why so hot.

Figure 4:




in the direction of the arrow in the snapshot.

you see, 3 is Changsha Shanghai dragon related ranking. Why do he blog is the Guangzhou market, and Changsha Shanghai Longfeng rankings will not low??? The truth is about to be announced!!! We see him standing love Shanghai. (love is a snapshot of Shanghai good stuff, the correct use can help us quickly find the problem, remove doubts.

import share is not Links, but Links derived, popular point that we do to other sites when Links, how can we help to the rank of the website. Many children would say: "on our website to other site links can help us? Can not wait secretly removed!" in fact, then I'll give you an example. Most of Shanghai dragon knows Xiao Jun, yes, I would like to Xiao Jun's Shanghai dragon blog as an example.

We see

first on the truth.


)Figure 3:

we say the details determine success or failure, or lost, have luck in there. But we cannot deny that handle the details of our help is not a little bit. In this case I'm here, but also can further share the idea of webmaster friends can further study. The last is the copyright problem.

the next

Figure 2: ? Figure 1:

But this time I give

Links which appeared in the 2 "Changsha", the entire page is only 2 "Changsha" to see this! What do you think? Why many local websites can also be received across the country to order


we see Xiao Jun's Shanghai dragon blog "title", "description", "key" is around the Shanghai dragon expansion, also note his service market in Guangzhou".

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