Site optimization need step by step do not kill


Site optimization need step by step do not kill

site optimization code label many times can help us make our optimization more quickly, of course, we need to use in the right conditions, if you just in order to speed up the optimization.

Excessive optimization of

engaged in optimization of the people and the like are 80, and some 90. The biggest difference between us and the other age is that we often lack the experience of life, there is no patience for some work. And for the optimization, is a work of patience. Lack of patience we tend to make them in the process of optimization is excessive error, simple optimization. So how do we handle the optimization, will not lead to excessive optimization problems over? The author today is simple we talk about a few easy to appear in the process of optimization optimization.

site link structure inside is a piece of optimization personnel will focus on optimization. Because in theory, the link in the station just like our body's blood vessels, it is our entire site carrying weight. But because of its importance, we are also very easy in the optimization of excessive optimization problem.


2, with a lot of use keyword anchor text. The anchor text is recognized as the best effect of all links to do some optimization, in order to optimize a keyword, is to use the word do anchor text links, and are linked to the home page. This is a dangerous behavior. The author thinks that the anchor text keyword links should be reasonable layout, don't let the page is not natural, with colleagues of anchor text should be diversified, not all is the link to the home page.

two, internal linksThe

: optimization for the content of over

three, the site code label

we can not say the content of the website is a website of the soul, the most valuable things and there is a site that is content, content is presented to the user the most direct and useful things. In the optimization process, it is easy for us to persist in the optimization of the content, which leads to excessive optimization, such as keywords stack, or in order to optimize the filling some relevant content to our site, etc.. All these will lead to our site optimization excessive, the final result is exhausted. For the content of the site, the author thinks that we should adhere to the stability of originality, inertia and update to start, for users to create content to your site is to take a more long-term.

I think a lot of

1, in a page there are too many links. Some staff in order to optimize, can more reasonable use of the function of the chain, is used on a page of internal links, which are often easy to cause excessive optimization, the author's point of view is to do less than ten links in a content page can be.

Excessive optimization of

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