The Shanghai sex promotion Keywords do


The Shanghai sex promotion Keywords do

two: the promotion of a magic weapon of the search terms report

summary: this process is like a funnel, first wide >

on this page love Shanghai promotion Keywords, we can modify our keyword matching model, which contains a broad match, phrase matching, accurate matching, phrase matching inside the core contains, synonymous contain exact including pattern matching in the key words, so many, widely, energy is the largest, for example: for example, we are the key words of "wedding photography", so when the user search: wedding photography, wedding photography, wedding photography, where good? Training and so on, regardless of whether the user is searching the interrogative sentence, or phrase, whether between keywords have been separated, as long as the user search word contained in our words, our advertising will trigger!

see through the search terms report, we can develop more keywords, and keywords in accordance with user search habits, this also means that we can locate the potential of our users, we put these keywords added to the promotion of our units can be. Of course, in this report, we will not see a lot of our potential customers, but also triggered our ads, we can put their search words set to negative keywords, this work in the search word report can be.

When the promotion of

speaking in front of us to put the keywords matching, so that our website will have a lot of traffic, then we need to tap our potential customers from such traffic sources, how to dig? Is the search terms report. In this report, we can know the customer to visit our site through search what word, also is in the search engine input what word trigger in our advertising, see here, I think a lot of people have come to understand.

follows the principle of our network marketing funnel, the show is enough, if we set the other matching mode, in the early promotion, our website is almost no traffic and conversion, because we are positioning customers too one-sided, or too narrow, so we have to put the words to the broad match this when some friends may have questions: if you have set up extensive matches, we have traffic, but the customer is not accurate positioning ah, light flow does not translate ah, please don't worry, listen to you slowly on the pony.

in sex in Shanghai, many of my friends will feel a thorny problem, that is the choice of keywords and expand, because love Shanghai promotion play is the key words, only when the user search keywords corresponding, our ads will be displayed, this to select the problem involved, and love words Shanghai to promote the need is a lot of more keywords is operation, we position the user will be more relative, then what we need to do to achieve the result that we want, and we will explore the next pony.


: a matching model of broad match


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