The site does not stop Shanghai dragon optimization is really dangerous


The site does not stop Shanghai dragon optimization is really dangerous

everyone's energy is limited, want to do more, must pay more, want to gain more, according to the rules they must pay, but we have not seriously thought, pay is not necessarily return there? OK, some people might argue: "I don't know if there is no return to pay however, do not pay no return." This sentence seems really right, but it is this seemingly full of philosophical words misled many webmaster, many webmaster see these words are excited, are kept in the Shanghai round the clock to dragon, but not to think about the input-output ratio of their. In fact, there is definitely a return to pay, and how much you pay and to a certain extent is proportional, but your proportional curve is what kind of? Is constantly soaring at a certain speed, or irregular slow rise. Successful and unsuccessful webmaster webmaster has a big difference is that the curve will go to their own thinking seriously, how to make the curve smooth, rapid, healthy and sustained rise, this is what we need to take advantage of the.

as the Shanghai dragon diagnostic article, I think of a happy life is very good indeed, because Shanghai Longfeng to continue effort, but.

website of Shanghai dragon is no ground for blame any website, all need to be based in Shanghai dragon, if you find what place is not ready, don't be lazy, we must think of a way to remedy this defect, although not rigid requirements of our pursuit of perfection, but at least let the web site of the Shanghai dragon do not regret it, this is on our website later problems do a strong support of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. But no control or no plan, aimless Shanghai dragon is very dangerous, one is to keep yourself from a possible Shanghai Longfeng white-collar stationmaster became a Shanghai dragon blue collar webmaster, even some webmaster also fell to the Shanghai dragon toil, there are many owners say they are migrant workers in Shanghai dragon in fact, not Shanghai Longfeng environment, but your own method and mentality caused by Shanghai dragon.


Hello, I'm Muzi into the boat. Seen in front of happy life to write "Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis puliao: Shanghai dragon once stopped dangerous" website, which talked about some problems is still very good, is also worth pondering, because Shanghai dragon is a continuous process, if we want to make a web site to maximize the effects of the inevitable need to spend more effort on it, let the site in the competition in an invincible position in the hands of. But it also reflects a very realistic and cruel problem, we need to continue to invest to Shanghai dragon can be in an invincible position, this situation is very passive, because we do not have a clear grasp of the core of the control system of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng cost, because we never know how much you have to do workload. The site to stop Shanghai dragon might be dangerous, but the site does not stop Shanghai dragon for us is the real danger.

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