The simple understanding of user experience interpretation of Zhou Hongyi


The simple understanding of user experience interpretation of Zhou Hongyi

we do website or in product marketing, often only consider the user's feeling, which provides what he needs, just to solve the most urgent problem. In fact, this should be a kind of passive users. Just what the user wants to solve what, we do not seriously consider what can extend the needs of the user needs to meet. Sometimes more active for the user to think of it, it will get more feedback. For example, a pizza franchise enterprise website, pay more attention on how to join the content, and some joined the scheme also is about the investment cost, then there are some information equipment, some questions, and finally some of the latest to join the information. These are in fact the user must know, just completed the content supply, the user experience is failed, because the content of other enterprises of different sites have no difference between what you. If you want to further enhance the experience, to further consider what users think, but is really good for him. This is not because of the industry, but as a consumer, from a content provider if you could add a franchisee from joining the growing information, such as the franchisee and the development of several primary market dealers, or franchisees not only has the right to operate local can also develop offline, with high turnover to assign etc.. This will not let franchisees can imagine the future situation, let him hope to join. After joining an area after the management authority belongs to their own words, the lower increase in the intangible franchisee can also generate revenue for it, in order to make money he will be actively managed, this is to join by surprise, beyond his expectations.

The core of second point

Warren Zhou Hongyi of the user experience only a short while ago, made his own interpretation: "to exceed user expectations, can give users a surprise; be able to let the user be aware; good user experience, is to start from the details, and throughout every detail." For this classic interpretation, each person should have a different understanding, the author today to talk about his own views.

this is actually not difficult to understand, it is the information must allow users to see, or hear, to have real feelings, rather than allowing users to imagine. Now many websites do that is not perfect, pure text information and can not fully express. Must match the pictures, video or audio to allow users to have a specific perception. A lot of virtual concept, people often can not perceive, even if there is no visual or auditory perception, but also to provide some data to allow users to enhance the experience. Such as cooking for electromagnetic oven, it is through the electromagnetic coil converts electrical energy into heat energy, the electromagnetic coil will have some radiation work. Many manufacturers say their products have no radiation or low radiation, in addition to the text.

The first point of the

is able to perceive.

core than expected, surprise.

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