A snapshot of time or the weight and ranking


A snapshot of time or the weight and ranking

, is the author summed up the reasons for the love Shanghai snapshot of stagnation points.

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whether you increase the chain or refuse to and outside the chain, the chain is sharply increasing and will lead to the stagnation of the snapshot. Because the search engine is likely to think you are to carry out software on behalf of the chain by other tools, the quality of the chain as can be imagined, now Shanghai has launched a love love Shanghai refuse chain tools, if not used correctly, can also cause this problem.


I do not know whether to talk about this topic, I put forward such a view, I suddenly have a webmaster and thousands on thousands of the opposite feeling, really a bit nervous, but I feel that since I found this point of view, whether it is right or wrong, I hope someone and I to communicate, as I often say a word: no argument, no sympathy.

1. web site to do a small action

in the optimization work for many years, our subconscious as early webmaster has reached a consensus, that is a snapshot of the update. If the snapshot update is yesterday, presumably the webmaster very happy, and others do Links also as a virtue to this point. The reason is because if you are a snapshot of the 3 days do not allow search engines to update, then your website is not right to be reduced weight is low, presumably also won't have what good rankings. But the reason why the author put forward this argument, because I found that some site snapshot is obviously delayed for a long time, but the ranking is still not high, so I began to doubt is not updated snapshot is inevitable factors ranking excellent! Or, it is only a surface phenomenon of

I think the word "outward first" to describe the content of the website is very appropriate. You want to get better ranking and traffic your website content control first. If a site has long been search engine trust, some content acquisition or low quality, should not have much impact. But if you are a long time collection and release of low quality articles, search engines will be unbearable! How to grasp the degree, see the webmaster is willing to own work.

4. stable update

since we are unable to solve the problem, we can from the opposite perspective to analyze the reasons, first we list a few reasons page snapshot of stagnation or correction of the


this is the frequency of updates and maintains a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is a favorable choice to maintain stable time snapshot, if a site is not updated for a long time, the sites are not dynamic, search engine how will favor with you


2. increased sharply chain

if this is a search engine, the reaction is quite intense, website revision unstable foundations of how to optimize the search engine, will make your site appear to file phenomenon.

outward first

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