10 check list for the new online escort


10 check list for the new online escort

The correlation between

for the user to use, this is almost a must. If you specify the wrong size or percentage, the browser will resize. If you determine the size of text, there will be some restrictions, so, if not necessary do not >

2, every page has a unique title and

5, JS

, logo and other documents or copyright entrance each page the common part, should be converted to include a document, this can save a lot of time.

Many people think that the

7, in order to make better legibility of text size adjustable

description tag is not important, but the search engine does the description displayed in the search results inside. If there is no description tag, some had to copy from the page to replace. If you want to make your site talent shows itself from the search results, some wise for each page to write a unique description tag, because the description tag is your search results in the advertisement.

external code

ensure the regular site of XHTML and CSS is very important, otherwise your site may not be opened in a browser. Always check to make your website in different browser types can be opened, thus reducing the use of barriers to users and crawlers.

4, regular XHTML and CSS

3, each page has a unique description tag

1, meaningful and consistent with the logical structure of

6, on the head, and the bottom navigation include file

content and keep the page title is very important. Remember that search engine love hyphen instead of underline. In order to make the content of the page to click distance as little as possible, should be used with less website directory structure flat.

this is a very easy to overlook this, you will not weaken the competitiveness of the site. A title page looks unprofessional and lost opportunities. The Firefox browser will simply display your site for the Firefox browser, IE will use your URL as title. There are many indexed pages, which is titled "Untitled Document" -- don't let your site become one of them.

before the new station on the line, the developer in the brain often have a lot of things to consider, but you may not check list. In this paper, as you gather the information, it may not be very authoritative, but will lay a good foundation for your website, have a good beginning.

using inline JS is a lazy behavior, because we have to let the crawler inline JS and effectively increase the weight for the page is almost impossible. So the JS code should be placed in a separate folder, external. In addition, the outside of your CSS file that do not contain at the top of each page.

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