How to make the site search spiders love


How to make the site search spiders love


Shanghai dragon friends all know that included in the site is directly related to the site's ranking, so that to make the website ranking, the amount collected is very important, but now Shanghai dragon friends have a lot of part of the crowd is very headache for the amount included in this issue, no matter how to update. But the amount collected is not good, and no more drive, finally may not want to do as a result of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not interested, then give up their website promotion, all of these problems are due to because the web site is included, so in order to make himself we can do better on the amount collected, I can put some methods for everyone to share, before sharing, I would like to ask you, what you think is included in our website effect Factor? Don't think too much, just say one of the most important can be, of course, I guess there are a lot of people say that the original article is directly related to the site included, of course, that is right, no wrong, but I want to say is you the answer is not complete of course, because the website article is very important, but more important is a spider, we must understand the spider temperament, and catch the spider crawling habit to update the article, so we know for the spider, we can accurately to update the article, and the increase of the amount collected, we think back to whether the spider is the most important, here will have friends eager to understand the spider, of course I will put the temperament and practical methods to share with you, and tell you The specific operation, good to come to the point, I first introduce the

, a spider temperament

first for the veterans, the spider is not strange, but for the novice for spiders may of course I said absolutely ignorant of, this is not our usual spider on the roof of the spider, I say is a search engine for indexing robot, the robot's name is called the spider, and you can think of look, we usually see the spider crawling is a kind of insect, and they do a home, we think in the search engine spiders, that they are in fact a principle, the search engine spiders every day to climb out from the server, and the concern on the network of things crawling included, of course for free the concern of the article will crawl, but very few, of course, included the spider will see your site weight is high, The weight also is the search engine believe your site, if your site search engine is very reliable, so the search engine will give your site high weight, and spiders can not hesitate to think that you will not damage the spider web security, so that the weight high website included quantity is high for this reason, but for low weight website, search engine when making the spider crawling, first of all do not like crawling weight high website, it is to consider your site is safe, whether there is risk of damage or interfere with the trap of the spider crawling, so the weight.

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