Website optimization how to improve the success rate of orders


Website optimization how to improve the success rate of orders

is currently a lot of Shanghai dragon R, are engaged in the Shanghai dragon, today talk about surfing on the website optimization how to improve the success rate of orders, orders website optimization process has a lot of skills, make good use of these techniques can greatly improve the success ratio of orders.


website optimization, they must have a stand to promote their services, but also a symbol of their own level, you stand a good ranking, can bring the customer, can explain their level. Your station is a platform to promote their own. After the customer to find you, to solve the talk if the price is high, we all know that Shanghai dragon has certain risk, time > week


1, single

website optimization how to improve the success rate of

2, to determine the target population

before the necessary conditions

r believes that many Shanghai Longfeng Yangaoshoudi, Shanghai dragon is very simple, learning a few days or a training course you can pick one, actually this is wrong, Shanghai Longfeng experience requirements of high requirements such as web site right down to how you deal with, do not long before the website ranking is what reason. Therefore in order before you have practical experience for half a year, at least two successful cases, this time to pick a single. Now Shanghai dragon training class, misleading a lot, exaggerated advertising discount "a few minutes to become Shanghai dragon master, what training Shanghai dragon allows you to quickly make money" exaggerated advertising, I do not deny that some Shanghai dragon training class, can really learn something, but the site optimization experience is the most important, only theory moreover, the theory is also changing, is not enough, there must be a successful case, the author thinks that the website optimization orders before at least half experience, at least two successful cases.

in order before we first consider from which the industry began, such as hospitals, education, service industry, from the beginning to determine which industry, determined from the beginning which industry is to analysis the website optimization industry before, analysis of the current situation of the industry, the industry's dependence on the network, the industry the current problems, so to talk about a single time in our customers and heart into bamboo. Customers now know the pain, our service is to solve customer's pain, is to give customers the benefits, of course customers choose our service.

more of the author, many Internet companies are not to carry out website optimization services, so you can cooperate with the network company, the network company to the part of the Commission, mutual benefit and win-win. You have a client, they also get benefits but also stabilize the customers, but also with their server space.

3, network companyTo observe the

4, their site propaganda

when you mature technology, now you can pick one up, the emphasis here, including the mature technology, website optimization experience, site optimization theory, basic HTML code, the basic program to modify the basic knowledge.

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