The success of the optimization from learn to respect and persevere to


The success of the optimization from learn to respect and persevere to

website optimization is not too profound to be understood, but it is definitely not an easy job to do a thing. That website optimization may be easy, some theoretical knowledge based on the basic. Because the core theory and method, is very simple, even simple to use "content is king, link for emperor" just eight words to summarize. Therefore, the site construction production and site optimization is not really difficult to grasp the method, but the understanding of the method, theory of implementation skills. Website design and optimization is not a short duration of time of power, but a long continuous process, is only a beginning and no end process. This process requires hard work, need a good attitude and belief support.


, a respected user experience

if some website optimization concept, to interpret from the perspective of the mentality, respect and adhere to certain is the core part of. Respect is the fear of the objective law, not only respect the search engine more respect for customers, not only to respect yourself more to respect the competition, not only respect themselves known to respect their own unknown. Almost every day to hold a candle in the middle of the night, write some related website construction production and site optimization, some related articles or the internet. So the idea is to real to their own past, and the mentality of doing record, another is the original content can indeed enhance the website weight. The disappointment of these hard original articles, hair was reproduced in the webmaster online, a lot to be repaired completely even the original ownership are deprived of. In fact, this is also a lack of respect, plagiarism had no respect, for others fruits unconscionable even nominally for more respect.

as mentioned previously, website optimization is not a short duration of time of work and need a long stick, can see the obvious effect after days and months multiplying. Based on the basis of respect, using formal methods to improve and optimize the website, the rest is to. If the only test results, persist even in some time is more important than respect. Because as long as the method is correct, please search engine, consistent from beginning to end with the right way to insist, as can slowly increase the weight site. Even if this method is not based on the foundation of respect, and even some disgraceful to see. But the site optimization was not a purpose for pleasure so simple, and the need to continue the effect. So the website design and optimization still needs to be established in respect.

website construction and website optimization is the highest level of user experience, the user experience is the starting point of the production site construction, site optimization is to point. Because in any case rich web content, in any case temptation to improve website ranking, the real purpose is to find the user soon. We can clearly see that the user is the only. Some users respect is to take care of the user of the site when feeling, such as the site is always safe and stable operation, the user can quickly find what they need.


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